Top Ten Posts of 2013

Another year has passed here at my little art blog and it’s time for the year-end wrap up!  Here are my most popular posts from 2013.

Have a year-end wrap up of my art too while we’re here.

1. A Solution for a Photoshop CC Brush Lag Bug across Mac and PC

Who knew my mind-numbing frustration with Photoshop’s CC’s early updates would be so popular?  The lag has since disappeared so I can only hope this means they quietly fixed whatever bad coding was responsible for such a widespread error Adobe refused to acknowledge during my support calls with them.

2. Are Conventions Worth Selling At?

A very candid talk about whether conventions are worth the blood, sweat, and tears we put into them in a Pros and Cons format.
A discussion about my first experience in painting a master copy and how this experience benefited me greatly.

4. My Portfolio Building Homework – Part 1

My answers to Jon Schindehette’s pointed questions on how to organize and build a portfolio with passion and purpose for myself following along with Jon’s portfolio-building class blog series.  All of these homework posts of mine were very popular and they were all in my top ten.  I’m only including the first part for the sake of variety of this list, but each part is linked at the bottom of the previous entry for your convenience.

5. Convention Report – IlluXCon VI

My first IlluXCon was literally life changing!  This entry collects my thoughts on how attending this con was worth my time and money as an artist and why exactly anyone who is an artist in the Scifi/Fantasy field should consider attending themselves.
Another very candid post about getting older, navigating long-term career goals, and personal introspection on gender, life experience, and all the rest!
All the ways that the iPad has improved my life, plus recommendations of handy apps that are useful for artists.
The origin story for how I got into the hobby of crafting leather masks plus advice for anyone else interested in picking up the craft.

9.  Anatomy of a Book Cover – Genesis Part 1

A breakdown of my sketches, drafts, and character design sheets for the Genesis book cover, a novel by Wade Garrett.
Another introspective post about recognizing bad work habits and mental routines with strategies on how we might combat them.
And there you have it!  2013 in a nutshell.  It’s been a rough year for me, personally, but now that much of the turmoil of health and life is behind me, the clouds have parted and I can see so much potential for greatness for 2014.  Here’s to the new year and inspiration for you and me!

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