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NOTE!  I’m currently working on an expansive re-write of this short memoir!  Become a beta reader, leave feedback, or enjoy visual inspiration for this story at the project’s blog.

In a world of defunct gods, corrupt nobility, and ancient magic, a young slave named Kalara struggles to find her place in a society where her future is bought and sold from one year to the next.

An unexpected kindness releases Kalara from the cycle of cruelty, only to inspire her towards dreams a slave was never meant to have, dreams even the gods could not ignore.

Some would call her a murderer and Deceiver, but those who learn the heretical truth would come to know her as The Uncrucified.

THE UNCRUCIFIED is a short story set in the world of Exalted, a tabletop role-playing game created by White Wolf Publishing and Onyx Path Publishing.

While this story is inspired by the Exalted 2nd Edition setting, it is self-contained enough to be open to newcomers to the world.  Lore definitions are included as footnotes for your convenience.

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Art Inspired by The Uncrucified