Introduction to Flame of the Sultana

Flame of the Sultana came into being as an exploration of my Dungeons & Dragons character, Rabanne Arore.  She’s the Barbarian with the big muscles, big heart, and big smile!  However, beneath that amiable exterior she’s running from the tainted legacy of her warlord family.  She abandoned them to forge her own path, but the road to becoming a hero is a long and fraught one!

It’s my hope to see this story as a novella some day and to continue to use the characters from this world and The Unmerry Band D&D campaign that inspired her to sharpen my writing and art skills.

Latest Updates

  • Added concept sketches for Badeema (See WIP)
  • Posted sketches for the Unmerry Band’s Armor Progression Chart. (See WIP)
  • Added a NaNoWriMo/Campfire Writing tour of Flame of Sultana (Read Article)

D&D Party - The Unmerry Band
The Unmerry Band, Calumny, Dorn, Rabanne, and Ariminthia.

Character Art