The Eve is Done

Well, Halloween is done and now begins the slow shifting of things to harvest and frost decorations for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m still stubbornly clinging to my jack-o-lantern, who is growing long for the garbage bin. Maybe I can get it to ferment so we can have some drunken squirrels?

I had a howling good time exposing others to Ginger Snaps at our Halloween get-together, where there was more junk food than I’ve had in an entire year. I met my goal to make one of the grossest cakes ever. It’s a small obsession of mine to make the most visually gross food I can for Halloween. Last year it was a fleshworm made from a pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon with spaghetti teeth. What will it be next year? I think I will attempt the ultimate gross cake…the oozing organ cake. The sky is the limit!

Another reason I love Halloween is because I never quite grew out of playing Dress-Up and Pretend. It’s the single day of the year (outside of conventions) that I can dress up in bizarre clothing and go to the grocery store dressed as a Grim Reaper without getting too many odd stares. Would I dress this way normally if I could, year round? I’m beginning to wonder… This year my Halloween costume recycled the Hollow leather mask I made with a velvet robe and bits and pieces of shinies I’ve gathered over the years. It looks more wicked than I ever expected it to look!

And now the weekend is through and it’s back to the regularly scheduled workload. I’m into an exciting new chapter of the book I’m working on that involves my favorite sort of angels, the tattooed edgy kind with bad attitudes. There’s just something about these brand of angels that lend themselves so well to fantasy storytelling and building interesting personalities. Expect some sneaky peeks as my next set of paintings slowly come together.

I’m also pondering joining in on NaNoWriMo, but I am not sure if my workload will permit it! It is sooo very tempting though. If I did it, I’d randomly pick tropes from and try to write a story based on that. I’m itching for that sort of challenge!

So what did you guys do for Halloween? Did you dress up? What holiday really gets you excited?


  1. Angela Sasser says:

    Aww man I’m sorry to hear that! I’ve had a few like that where all I’ve done is cook for myself and play some video games and watch tv. They happen sometimes. I do hope your next one is better!

    I know you like to write. Are you attempting NaNoWriMo this month?:D

  2. Sonettie says:

    Yeah my Halloween was too quiet, friends didn’t invite me to anything because I’ve been sick, plus I couldn’t afford to dress up or do anything. . .
    so my highlight was Guild Wars lol

  3. Angela Sasser says:

    Aye I’ve been trying to catch the Mad King since last night, but he’s not coming when they said he was O_o At least I was able to nab a couple of skeleton masks before the end by leaving my charas online while I was out.

  4. Ethelie says:

    oh I love halloween. stayed home this year tho, have been sick for 2 weeks and didnt really feel like party :/ but it was ok, and Im going to a birthday – costume partry next weekend so I dont feel like I got cheated of on the fun times anyway ^^
    Im intrigued by the book on angels! get it done with soonish

  5. Angela Sasser says:

    Man! So many people were sick this year. I’m sorry to hear that, but glad you get to make up for lost time later. Sounds like good fun:D

    There will hopefully be more to tell about the book once things start drawing to a close in the next few months or so. I will say that it’s been the obsession of my life for almost a year now! I’m really looking forward to sharing more.

  6. Hayley E. Lavik says:

    What a disgustingly marvelous cake. I honestly don’t know if I could eat that. Part of my brain just goes “Oh, poor kitties need their litter changed so badly!”

    You know my fond love of Hallowe’en. It’s by far my favourite holiday, and like you I could really go for a few more days of the year to dress as such. The whole sensation of being disguised, donning unique clothing (heck, formal wear is fun!), and going masked into public is really intriguing, I love the changes it brings about in people. I think more opportunities to do so would be great. Of course, masquing in Venice was eventually banned due to numerous indiscretions committed by masquers, wasn’t it? Maybe not everyone should be running around in public in disguise that often. I don’t know if I want more days of the year to see fishnets up to the waist and disappearing thongs :p

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