Your Wings Await

A fresh can of Dr. Pepper (or two), comfortable pants, a late night muffin, and a bottle of painkiller for the eyestrain — this was at one time my regimen for playing MMORPGS (Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games) back in college. Gone are those days where I could survive on 4 hours sleep and function on chocolate muffins and cheeseburgers alone. (For the curious, I was an Elvaan named Zhele with plans to become a master thief-ranger. I’ll let you figure out the MMO). Nowadays, there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day nor the luxurious income (or excuse) to drop a monthly fee on a game.

And yet, it’s times like these where I miss that finger on the pulse of adventure and fantasy with friends in our own little personal epic. A new MMO called Aion recently released and I can’t help but feel that it was made for me. Extensive character customization, Assassins, crafting, warring angels & demons (of a sort), and your very own wings? I get brain twitches just looking at the beautiful videos and artwork for this game. I am totally sold (and have been since I saw the early concept art). Maybe, just maybe, I’ll work up the extra time and funds to play it? Can I brave being a n00b all over again?? We’ll see what happens once I finish my current huge project.

So why is it that we like MMO’s? Is it that feeling of being part of something larger than ourselves? I always got a warm and fuzzy feeling from saving lower level people from mobs that overwhelmed them or helping out a random stranger. Perhaps it’s the element of surprise? Nothing says ‘surprise’ better than stumbling upon a giant friendly looking sheep, only to learn that it’s actually a Tremor Ram that WILL kill you in one hit. Or how about hanging around and meeting great folks from around the world? I used to enjoy virtual boat rides where I could play virtual craps or telling jokes while we waited. I miss that spontaneity and bonding with others, a very tempting aspect of games, especially when considering the fact so many of us are work-at-home types who rarely get to see the outside world!

There’s always the fear I’ll get sucked in and never see the sunlight, but I’m not getting sunlight now so that might not be too incredibly detrimental as long as I learn to venture out from my hidey hole every now and again. Remembering how to socialize properly with others in real life is key!

So what are your memories of MMO’s? Do you play? What’s your favorite one? Why is it that we love them so much?

Image Source: Aion Aiva Wallpaper


  1. Travis says:

    I might have to check out Aion, me i’m an old rogue named Zaga in world of warcrack when i do play…been kinda lookin’ for something different. As far as noobing goes..Nobody out N00bs me me wit my l33t spx and uber epix as well as my ability to pwn.

  2. Ban says:

    Never played but I can’t deny I was curious and for all the reasons you mentioned. If I HAD gotten involved it would have been all out like you. Maybe it’s best I didn’t. Xbox 360 is enough of a time suck 😀

  3. Renessa47 says:

    I played WoW while I was leveling, but once I hit level cap and it was clear I could go no further (ie – raiding) because of how terribad my computer is, I stopped (I will start again once the new computer gets built). I thought about Aion when it came out for the exact same reasons you listed, but I stopped that possibility too when I realized one thing: all, and I mean ALL, of the faces are exactly the same. Maybe up close there are little details that differ, but from the distance you see them in game, every man and woman has the exact same asian-y-anime-y face. I even looked at LotRO, since I’m a major Tolkien freak, but the class mechanics put me off from the possible lore-love and intelligent people that actually use the english language (and Rhohirrim, and various types of Elvish…).

    I don’t know what makes me want to MMO… I think more than anything else it’s something interesting to do where I can walk away (or mount up and run, or fly) from the stupid people if I want, but the real world you can’t. But at the same time, it’s an easy way to do things with my friends without having to worry about cars, designated drivers, who’s place, money to spend on dinner (you can spend more in one night of just hanging out than a month of gaming). I never play a game without having friends to go into it with. Every time I’ve tried a server or even a different game without anyone else, I’ve always left it within days because it’s just not as fun.

  4. Ethelie says:

    WoW was my drug. I think for me it was like with any other game – the opportunity to live a different life somewhere else, where there was dragons and magic and all those things that I feel has to exist somewhere out there in the real world to but havent been lucky enough to run into yet. (Im heartbroken there was no Hogwarts letter for me.)
    Ive also tried Lotr online – sucked, booring and hated the UI, Warhammer Online – great game but has a lot of UI issues too, and the server population is very uneven.
    Aion is tempting but my guess is my PC cant take the graphics so there probably wont be any of that 🙁

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