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March 2024 – Happy News, Patreon Plans, & New Tarot Preview

March was both the worst and best month, all at once. I’m so happy to report that after the bombshell February we had in which my husband was laid off from his job and suffered some possibly-cancerous symptoms that his test results are in. While some things aren’t normal, cancer has been eliminated as a possibility!

The ghost of this bad news has been hanging over us since early February and we’re both so relieved to hear it’s not the worst case scenario. He’s still got some challenges ahead, but they won’t be as nasty as cancer.

Knock on wood! Now, can cancer and serious illness leave us both alone till we’re at least 80? Please and thank you!

Once my head stopped spinning from all the life chaos, I had just enough time to catch my breath and dive headlong into finishing the X of Swords piece for the Stained Glass Tarot deck coming this year. Patrons got a deep dive into this process, as well as a look at a detail of the final painting. I can’t wait for you all to see the final painting once the deck debuts! I’ve been peeking the art from the other artists and it’s gorgeous stuff. I’ll be sure to let you all know here when it goes live on crowdfunding.

Meanwhile, the poll results have come in and I was really surprised at the results! There’s more love for my niche interests than I thought there’d be, which makes me very happy. Once this Patreon resets themes in June, expect that theme to be all Kushiel’s Legacy for awhile! Prepare yourselves for angels, masquerades, and fantasy fashions.

I really can’t wait and I’m currently plotting on what other themed Patreon goodies I can roll out for the event! Read more about the poll results and my plans for this grand relaunch theme here.

In that same post, I also mentioned that my Exalted art will be moving to a new space in the future. Rather than have Exalted art sneaking in here making a confusing mess of my Patreon in June when I start talking about more book-inspired art, it’ll have its own tidy home on Ko-fi where everyone can follow it for free (or pitch in if they want some small perks).

Posts Planned for April (Tentative)

  • Blue Eye Samurai x Exalted Fan Art

  • Movies That Make Me Want to Paint Part 2

Posts in March


Even though life doesn’t seem to want to slow down and let us breathe, I’m happy for the Spring here, which has been flowering with beautiful dogwoods. They’re a good reminder to slow down and appreciate the beautiful things for a few fleeting moments before I get caught up in the chaos. I hope you all found some little bits of happiness this month too.

– Ang

February 2024 – Our No Good, Very Bad Month + Final Poll Reminder!

My husband and I keep wishing for a very boring time in which nothing interesting at all happens.  We had finally started to get used to that kind of pleasant monotony in January.  There was no house move on the horizon.  Nobody had an ER visit or even a bad cold the past few months.  Only one small-ish tree fell on our garage and was eventually repaired by actual, working homeowners insurance.  We also celebrated our 7th anniversary this month. It was amazing!

All at once, the Powers That Be thought we were too bored this year. My husband lost his job early on in February and also started showing some concerning symptoms that may be pointing to cancer (this will be his 2nd bout with cancer, but a different, hopefully very treatable kind, this time around).  As of this writing, we’re still waiting on test results so we can know what path life is going to take us on next.  Either way, it’s going to mean surgery for him, whether it’s cancer or not.

I know. I know. Didn’t I just get over a cancer scare, myself? Well, now it’s Kev’s turn because we enjoy taking turns terrifying one another with revolving health woes. (Don’t mind me, dark humor is how we’re surviving right now.)

Thankfully, we’re not at DOOM level on the OHSHIT scale yet, as at the very least, his job very kindly offered him a severence pay that will give us a few months to survive and figure things out.  

Meanwhile, February has been all about scrambling to find new medical coverage, forming an action plan to deal with these layers of OHSHIT, and to trying not to give in to that most unhelpful habit of my brain to think of every catastrophe that could befall us at 3am in the morning.

It’s meant little sleep for me and barely any art getting made, which sucks because I would’ve loved to share some of the cool fan art I’ve been poking at and also finish up the Tarot piece I’ve been teasing for a couple of months now, which I’ve now had to get an extension on because painting was not happening during this anxious scramble.

I at least got to discuss some of my favorite movies with you all, which drew many of you quiet lurkers to share your favorites, which I’m so delighted to see.  I’m happy to have new things to fuel the inspiration tank, so thanks to everyone who dropped me a response with their own inspiration lists!  Stay tuned for part 2 with MOAR movies I love that make me want to art.

Today is also the last day you all can vote in the Very Important Poll to help me decide what I’ll be doing with this Patreon next, so go do so, if you haven’t yet!  I’m going to be announcing the results and what the big plan is in March after I’ve ruminated on the numbers a bit and see how Life (TM) is going to affect my ability and time to create.


Tentatively Arriving in March

  • Poll Results + A New Patreon Theme Announcement!
  • Blue Eye Samurai Fan Art
  • A new Exalted Character of the Week portrait compilation
  • Part 2 of Movies That Make Me Want to Paint
  • Final Art for the X of Swords

Posts You Might’ve Missed in February


Here’s hoping the next time I write up a monthly digest that I’ll have some happier news to share of how everything is moving back towards an exceptionally long-term and incredibly, mind-numbingly boring normalcy.  Till then!

– Ang

January 2023 Musings – Plz Reboot Brain & Tentative Streaming Plans

I want to make sure I always keep you guys in tune with what’s going on around here at least once a month, so we’re back to the monthly update format with a digest of posts!

January Happenings

I’ve been all about trying to reboot my brain to do more writing this past month!  For Christmas, Kev and I treated ourselves to a MasterClass sub and I instantly zeroed in on Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass because I’ve been a big fan of his since his Sandman days.  I often turn to his “Make Good Art” keynote speech when I’m feeling lost and it never ceases to get me motivated to create once more.  

To say Gaiman’s comics were formative for my teen goth girl brain would be an understatement!  I’m learning a lot with Mr. Gaiman about accepting failure, taking chances, and keeping a ‘trash heap’ of ideas.  There’s so much overlap between the skillbuilding of Art and Writing, which is no big surprise to me as a Studio Art and English double major, but it’s nice to get a refresher to my dormant wordsmith skills.

(Morpheus from The Sandman comics that inspired the recent The Sandman show on Netflix, at which I fangirl squeed many times at how faithful many of the scenes were to the original comics).

With all this schedule shake up, I’ve also been testing out the Structured app to help jumpstart myself into a new schedule with a digital visual planner, since I always seem to abandon physical planners after awhile and hate the waste they create.  It’s proven very useful, thus far!  The constant reminder pings help keep me from hyperfocusing too long on tasks I get deep into and even if I don’t follow the schedule to the letter, it at least makes me more aware of the passage of time, as I’m terrible at judging how long things take me otherwise when I get into a creative flow.  

I’ve been dancing between the Art and Writing Muses trying to get the brain in word-making mode, but also wrapping up a secret commercial art project you all got a sneak peek of this month and a couple of personal pieces I’ll share soon once they’re complete.

Rebooting this Patreon & Streaming Plans

While I’ve been seeing how my schedule equalizes, I’ve also been brainstorming of ways to engage with you all more directly, create more video material to share, as well as to reboot this Patreon with a new theme now that the Birthstone Goddesses have wrapped up.  

So far, I’m leaning towards the following activities, with a proper Patreon/Loyalty Merch theme to be decided via Patrons-only poll sometime in February, so make sure you’re pledged at any tier so you can vote in this upcoming massively important poll!

  • Streaming twice a week (a sketchbook session + video game night)
  • Monthly Hangout/Ask Me Anything
  • Videos on my inspirations, Art Challenge wrap-ups, Artist FAQs, etc.
  • Patreon deep dives (TBD when Patrons decide on a theme)

However, I want everyone currently signed up to my Patreon to get their full year’s worth of Loyalty Merch starring the Birthstone Goddesses before I reset this Patreon’s theme, so we won’t be changing things up around here till May when the final round of merch should be arriving to all you dazzling folks who choose to support me at $5 and above.

Till May rolls round, this Patreon is going to be a grab-bag of inspiration, art, and fun, which is ok with me while I give my Art Muse a rest from the years-long endeavor that was the Birthstone Goddesses!  It’s nice to have short-term, less involved things to explore at my own pace for just a little while longer.

That’s all for now!  I hope to have some cool art and other progress to share soon.  I’m especially hyped about how my Blue Eye Samurai personal piece is coming along and cannot wait to share it (with Patrons getting a Secret Sketchbook deep dive hopefully in February).

Till then!

– Ang


January 2023 Digest of Posts

Coming in February

  • Patrons-Only Poll to decide my next Personal Project/Patreon theme!
  • Blue Eye Samurai x Exalted TTRPG Fan Art (Tentative. Gotta finish professional projects first!)
  • A D&D Character Portrait
  • Inspiration List – My Fave Movies That Make Me Want to Paint

Nov 2021 – Thankfulness, Surviving Holiday Rush, & Upcoming Surgery?!

It’s been a busy bout of holidays with Thanksgiving and prepping my little corner of the internet for the holiday shopping rush.  I’m happy to report I’ve survived the rush thus far and that we had a relaxing holiday break playing video games at home with tasty leftovers to fuel the Trials of Mana marathon and watching Shang Chi (such a cool movie!).  

From our lil family to yours, we hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving (or a wonderful week, if you don’t celebrate).

This year, we’re so incredibly thankful for the fact my husband, Kevin, is still with us.  He very nearly didn’t make it back in January when he fell ill with COVID and went into the ICU.  It’s hard to believe it’s only been a few months since then!  After this huge trial, life has been very kind to us in a way we never could’ve imagined back in January now that Kev has started a new job and our life together has taken a new trajectory.  We’ll soon be looking for our forever home and settling down after years of being rental nomads.  It’s a dream we’ve nurtured for a long time!

I’m happy to say much of the behind the scenes prep I’ve been doing in the meanwhile to quietly improve my art biz’s presentation, re-designing my websites, and tidying up my product photos seems to have paid off with one of the best holiday shopping seasons I’ve had this year!  I’m slowly, but surely getting to a point where I hope to create a self-sustaining art biz that allows me to be healthy and happy without overworking myself.

IMPORTANT Announcement!  An Upcoming Hiatus?!

While we’ve had plenty of good news, there’s a bit of bad news that has been long in the coming.  After years of pain and dismissive doctors, I’ve finally had an MRI taken of my shoulder and the scans have revealed a suspicion I’ve had for years – that I have a torn labral tendon.  This happened years ago when our very large and lovably clumsy bulldog-mastiff pulled me down the stairs and jerked my arm nearly out of socket (which has to be THE most country injury ever haha!).  My shoulder muscles have been compensating incorrectly ever since.  Better late than never to fix this, right?

I’m currently awaiting the date of my surgery, which will most likely be scheduled for January.  What this means for you, my lovely Patrons, is that this Patreon will be going on hiatus in January 2022 until my shoulder heals and I am fully recovered, which could take months.  Unfortunately, this surgery affects my dominant/drawing arm, so I’m going to be out for the count until I heal and make it through the recovery process.

Life has been a long, hard lesson in adversity for us for the past few years even before COVID and I know we’ll weather the storm as well as possible!  I hope during this recovery time that I’ll get to experiment with dictating some of the story ideas I’ve been sitting on to my computer so I can at least get some writing done, as well as read the many books on my to-read backlog.

Once I’m able to return to full functionality, I plan to re-launch this Patreon with an updated structure that I hope you all will love!  (More on that later once we’re closer to being ready for that.)

Posts You May Have Missed in November

Rewards Added in November

Coming in December

December is going to be the last month of material from me for a long while!  I plan to share the following:

  • ($5+ Tiers) A coloring page of an Elvish Songstress
  • (All Tiers) A Behind the Scenes article about planning the Birthstone Goddesses’ Art Book
  • (Public/Free) An article talking about my favorite movies that make me want to paint


Whew that was a long update, but it’s been an eventful time!  As ever, feel free to come hang out in my Discord server with me where you can keep up with minute-to-minute updates and WIPs in my special Patrons-only section.

Till next time!  Wishing you all inspiration,
♥ Ang

Oct 2021 Digest – Calendar Progress, Holiday Prep, & a Chill Halloween

Aah how I love October!  The leaves are changing and the weather is getting chill here in Georgia.  It’s been a busy month now that we’re settled in the new house and I’ve been able to really put my nose to the grindstone for the Birthstone Goddesses.  

We also got to leave candy for the kids in our new neighborhood and that made me happy!  I hope next year, we’ll be safe enough to hand out candy directly. I love dressing up and seeing all the fun costumes!

(I cheated with a phone filter costume this year. )

I’ve also been working hard to pretty up my online presence with the holidays on the horizon (which by now my annual holiday sale should be going strong. More on that soon!).  Patrons got a behind the scenes peek at all the invisible tasks I’ve been doing to improve my presentation.

Posts You May Have Missed in October

Rewards Added in October

Coming in November

I hope to keep the energy up in November as I continue work on the calendar, start storyboarding the art book, and indulging in some fun creative challenges!

  • NaNoWriMo!  I’m taking on the national novel writing challenge this month!  I’ll be sharing snippets of the tabletop inspired novel I’m writing on my project’s social media account, so tune in there if you’re curious about my writing muse!
  • $5+ Reward Coloring Page – I’ll be sharing a coloring page of Archangel Azrael painting this month!
  • Patrons-Only Behind the Scenes Posts – I’ll continue to share development posts about my journey with the calendar and art book.
  • Part 2 of the Artist Asks – I’ll be wrapping up the last few questions!

That’s all for now!  Thanks for being awesome during all of our constant life adjustments.  At least it’s always exciting around here!

More soon,

♥ Ang

Sep 2021 Digest – Live from My Couch HQ…!

September had a slow start for us.  There was a lot to wrap up at the old house and unpacking at the new house.  Then disaster (or a shelf) struck and I injured a toenail!  That meant a week working from the couch.

Then when I finally got up and around again, I pulled a muscle lifting a heavy box while setting up the studio.  Back I went to my old home, the couch!

I actually started up an Ask the Artist/Ask Me Anything event on Twitter, if anyone wants to give me something to do while I recuperate. I’d appreciate being preoccupied with something fun while I wait for this to correct itself!

I’m currently taking these signs from the universe to take it slow, as much as I’m buzzing to get back to doing all of the Birthstone Goddess projects I spoke of in the latest Project Status update!  I’ve been doing what I can from my plushy HQ and FINALLY getting back to all the amazing lessons I learned from Emily Jeffords’ Making Art Work class (plus finishing the final few lessons I haven’t done yet because our house move took precedence).

That’s meant doing a big overhaul to my shop’s presentation, including editing mockups for my prints, creating better graphics for my coloring packs, etc.  Truth be told, without conventions for the time being, I’ve had to get my online game strong!  I’ve usually relied on in-person events for folks to get to know me and my products, so having the website updated wasn’t AS important.

But now that I’m a rare art cave goblin?  I’m going to have to finally get to all that difficult update business I’ve been avoiding!  I hope to document some of that makeover process for my Patrons in an article for October.  It’s actually been amazing to see how much better I can make my presentation with a little thought and care and I’m hyped to share that process with you all!

October is also the month of spooky things and when Autumn is in full swing here.  My favorite month!  I hope to actually stream some of my favorite spooky games (or perhaps some new ones), if you guys want to catch me on Twitch.  The plan is to start streaming more art there as well, since my face-time with folks at cons has been cut out.  I just need to get down to brass tax and make a schedule.

Otherwise, Kev and I are hunkered down until the worst of things blow over for now.  I hope you all will take care and be safe as well!

Posts You May Have Missed in September

Rewards Added in September

Coming in October

I have plans to share the following articles & Rewards in October.

  • ($5+ Up Reward) – Coloring Page – “Archangel Uriel”
    Featuring line art of this classic painting from my Angelic Visions art book!
  • (Patreon-Exclusive, All Tiers)
    Behind the Scenes: My (Art Business) Makeover – Part 1 – Product Listing Photos

    A peek at all the ‘invisible’ work I’ve been doing in the background to get my online game strong!  Discussing how I’m improving photos of my art products, sharing resources, etc.
  • (Patreon-Exclusive, All Tiers)*
    Behind the Scenes: Designing the Calendar Part 1
    A peek at the production process behind putting together the Birthstone Goddesses wall calendar with links to my resources etc. (* If I run into any delays putting together the calendar templates, I may have to delay this article.  We shall see!)
  • (Early Access) – Ask An Artist Compilation Post
    Compiling all the Ask An Artist and AMA questions from Twitter into one place for easy reference!  If I don’t get enough Likes on Twitter to finish the questionnaire, I’ll be answering the last few questions in the post instead.


That’s all for now, folks!  I hope to get to some real work in October, if the couch will release me from its thrall!

Till next time,

♥ Ang

May 2021 Digest – Upcoming Changes to this Patreon + Coming in June

It’s been a busy month behind the scenes!  I’ve continued my journey with Making Art Work, despite our official graduation happening this past Friday.  There was so much great material that I needed time to absorb and I got a little behind!  

I’ve kept a whole list of changes I’d like to make to my art business based on all the revelations I had during this course and I’m STILL adding to it as I wrap up the last 4 of 12 modules I’ve yet to complete.  

I’ve also been caught up in a massive redesign of the Birthstone/Gemstone Goddesses website utilizing all the wonderful info I learned in MAW.  It’s probably the most ambitious I’ve gotten with a website to date and I can’t wait to (hopefully) roll it out with a launch celebration this month!

I can also finally share the GREAT news we were waiting on before.  I’m so hyped to report my husband, Kevin, will be starting a new job soon!  It’s the kind of IT job he’s always wanted where he gets to advise others on networking and cloud services.  We expect a lot of doors to open thanks to this amazing opportunity!

This means things are about to get crazy for us now that we can resume our plans to buy our first home!  We’ve endured mold, gas leaks, and more at our current rental and can’t wait to get into a safe place that we can really call home.  I expect this will mean more comfort that will be conducive to happiness and making art!

Coming in June

Here’s what I have planned to share this month:

  • A new digital coloring page for $5+ Patrons
  • New addition of Metallic Stickers to the Secret Shop for All Patrons
  • Website Launch Celebration! (Hoping I get it all done by end of the month!)
  • New Birthstone Goddess fashion sketches for my Fine Art shop.  All Patrons will get first dibs on them in a post here before they go up in the shop!

Upcoming Changes to this Patreon

As we enter into a new phase of the Birthstone Goddesses where I have less art to share and more invisible work like designing page layouts, writing, etc. for the art book, calendar, etc, I’m considering changing the way this Patreon works.  Patreon has been stressful to maintain of late with everything going on and I always feel bad when I don’t have new art to share.

To keep my stress levels down, I’m considering changing this Patreon to a Tip Jar format temporarily (possibly permanently).  The tiers will still be similar to what I have now, with a base tier and a couple more premium tiers for those who enjoy some of my higher priced perks, like Premium Tutorials, etc.  

The main difference will be that I only add material when I feel I have something interesting to share, which may not be each month.  You’d basically be tipping me to help support my art and for the following perks, (which should all look familiar as it is exactly what you’re getting now, I would only be changing the frequency at which I add to some of them):

  • Access to archives of coloring pages, digital wallpapers, & Premium Tutorials added as and when I’m able to produce them
  • Access to Patron-only posts (Behind the Scenes peeks, Secret Sketchbook posts, etc.) added as and when I’m able to produce them
  • Secret Shop access for all Patrons
  • Ability to vote in polls  
  • Private Patreon Discord server access
  • Eternal discount codes that don’t expire
  • Art launch announcements, including first dibs on collecting new originals

I also hope to add a fancy Merch tier that will be replacing the Art Collector tiers down the line.  These will be tiers where the longer you stay pledged to them, the more cool swag you will accrue as you reach your loyalty milestones!

These plans are all in the works, however, and I will definitely warn you all before things get massively shuffled!  For now, my Patreon will remain the same as it is currently with at least one post per week.  I just wanted to give you all a head’s up for my plans for the near-future!

Digest of May’s Posts

Rewards Added In May


For now, I’m celebrating learning so much via MAW and can’t wait to share the fruits of my labors with you soon!  Thanks, as ever, for your generosity and encouragement.

♥ Ang

Apr 2021 Digest – Temperance Launch, Lady of Eternity Pins & more

It’s been a little tumultuous behind the scenes as our house moving plans have been delayed by some other exciting developments!  I can’t quite talk about them yet till they’re a sure thing, but I’m hoping to have some good news to share soon.  For now, we’re still in a bit of limbo as we pack up the house and wait on things to come the good word to come.

Meanwhile, I’ve been learning so much during my Making Art Work class!  I’m halfway through the material and it has been an intense and informative experience.  I’ve been experimenting with what I’ve been learning in class on my new Instagram account and taking my presentation to the next level with the launch for Temperance that happened in April.  I’m really excited to present my art with as much care as the passion put in!

If you want to keep up with the revelations I’ve been having as I go through the class, I’ve started a Twitter thread to collect my thoughts here.

Coming in May

Thanks to MAW, I also have some great ideas for redesigning the online gallery for my Birthstone Goddesses.  The class has given me a lot to think about as I move forward and re-center myself and my art biz.  I’ve been pondering how I can make the experience better for myself and for my fans.

My overall plan is to get my core presentation running like a well-oiled machine so that I can move forward with all the big plans for the releases I have in store for the Birthstone Goddesses.  I feel like if I can get that central rhythm for myself figured out that it’ll mean a smoother flow for everything else.

I’ll be adding another angel-themed digital coloring page inspired by one of the keyword sketches I created, plus I’m planning Behind the Scenes articles about the Birthstone Goddesses site, how I photograph my work, and an inspiration list of my favorite movies for visual inspiration.

Digest of April’s Posts

Rewards Added in April


In other news, I received my 2nd dose of the vaccine this week!  This means being one step closer to being able to hang out with our friends again, which will be such a relief.  It’s been a long journey for my husband and myself dealing with COVID this year, but I’m so grateful that we’ve been able to pull through these difficulties safely with Kev’s full recovery!

I hope everyone is happy, healthy, and hanging in there!

♥ Ang

MAR 2021 Digest – Upcoming Tarot Art, House Hunting, & MAW

March flew by as I returned to work after taking some time to recover with Kev, who also went back to work in March this month after his recovery from a severe case of COVID.  We’re both doing so much better knowing that he’s safe and healthy!  I’m slowly, but surely, getting back in the game and managed to finish my Temperance card painting for the Woven Path Tarot (which I’ll be revealing publicly next week!).

We’re also back on the house hunt, as our current home is a rental and we’re finally ready to invest.  We’re both looking forward to having a new space all our own!  We just have to survive all the paperwork and touring first.  I’m already dreaming of ways I could set up a new studio space. Here’s hoping for a room with lots of sunshine!

I’ve also started MAW (Making Art Work) with Emily Jeffords this month and wow has it been a knowledge bomb to my brain!  I’ve been learning about branding, marketing schedules, SEO, and so much more. I’m already buzzing with plans to redo my Gemstone Goddesses site with all I’ve learned and might be a little slow in April as I focus on absorbing all this knowledge to implement into my art biz.

Coming in April

Now that the Tarot piece is finished, I’ll be offering a Temperance coloring page and a wallpaper to my Patreon Patrons at the appropriate tiers!  I was thinking about sharing my progress with redesigning the Gemstone Goddesses site, but would that be boring stuff?  

It probably wouldn’t be as in-depth as my last article about website redesign, but more showing you progress shots as I map out the new site and make it a lovely space just for my Goddesses!

The Lady of Eternity pins also arrived in the mail today, so it’s time to pack them up and get them out to you guys! (More on that in a future post, soon).

Digest of March’s Posts

Rewards Added in March


I’m looking forward to seeing how everything I’ve been learning lately will help make my art really shine and how I can make the experience of it better for you all!

More soon!

♥ Ang

Feb 2021 Digest – Health, Happiness, & Looking to the Future!

I’m so pleased to have good news to share this month!  My husband was able to come home from the hospital and has managed a miraculous recovery from COVID.  Kev has gone from possibly needing a cane and an oxygen tank to needing neither with no adverse effects, beyond bouts of fatigue he’s still struggling with.  He’ll still need to strengthen his lungs, as they were weakened by COVID and pneumonia, but we are so relieved, as things could have gone so differently!  We’re so grateful to have been able to celebrate our 4th anniversary together.

It’s given us both perspective to enjoy life while we can.  Our plans to find a new home continue and I’ve meanwhile returned to work this last week in February with renewed focus and appreciation for our good fortune.  I’m also slated to start new training with Emily Jefford’s Making Art Work in March, which I hope will help me figure out a path forward through the difficulties of this pandemic.  I look forward to making my Birthstone Goddesses the best they can be as I continue with their journey to publication and expanding that vision in the coming months!

Coming in March

There will be a new fantasy-themed coloring page and a wallpaper for my Patreon digital library. I’ll also be sharing Secret Sketchbook notes for my next painting of Temperance for the Woven Path Tarot.  I have some exciting major project updates to share as well, now that my muse break with the Exalted Art Challenge is over! 

Digest of February’s Posts

Rewards Added in February


I’m happy to see life returning to a form of normalcy for us and to take a big step forward as I return with renewed energy to the next and final phase of the Birthstone Goddesses!

Till next time. More soon!

♥ Ang