February 2024 – Our No Good, Very Bad Month + Final Poll Reminder!

My husband and I keep wishing for a very boring time in which nothing interesting at all happens.  We had finally started to get used to that kind of pleasant monotony in January.  There was no house move on the horizon.  Nobody had an ER visit or even a bad cold the past few months.  Only one small-ish tree fell on our garage and was eventually repaired by actual, working homeowners insurance.  We also celebrated our 7th anniversary this month. It was amazing!

All at once, the Powers That Be thought we were too bored this year. My husband lost his job early on in February and also started showing some concerning symptoms that may be pointing to cancer (this will be his 2nd bout with cancer, but a different, hopefully very treatable kind, this time around).  As of this writing, we’re still waiting on test results so we can know what path life is going to take us on next.  Either way, it’s going to mean surgery for him, whether it’s cancer or not.

I know. I know. Didn’t I just get over a cancer scare, myself? Well, now it’s Kev’s turn because we enjoy taking turns terrifying one another with revolving health woes. (Don’t mind me, dark humor is how we’re surviving right now.)

Thankfully, we’re not at DOOM level on the OHSHIT scale yet, as at the very least, his job very kindly offered him a severence pay that will give us a few months to survive and figure things out.  

Meanwhile, February has been all about scrambling to find new medical coverage, forming an action plan to deal with these layers of OHSHIT, and to trying not to give in to that most unhelpful habit of my brain to think of every catastrophe that could befall us at 3am in the morning.

It’s meant little sleep for me and barely any art getting made, which sucks because I would’ve loved to share some of the cool fan art I’ve been poking at and also finish up the Tarot piece I’ve been teasing for a couple of months now, which I’ve now had to get an extension on because painting was not happening during this anxious scramble.

I at least got to discuss some of my favorite movies with you all, which drew many of you quiet lurkers to share your favorites, which I’m so delighted to see.  I’m happy to have new things to fuel the inspiration tank, so thanks to everyone who dropped me a response with their own inspiration lists!  Stay tuned for part 2 with MOAR movies I love that make me want to art.

Today is also the last day you all can vote in the Very Important Poll to help me decide what I’ll be doing with this Patreon next, so go do so, if you haven’t yet!  I’m going to be announcing the results and what the big plan is in March after I’ve ruminated on the numbers a bit and see how Life (TM) is going to affect my ability and time to create.


Tentatively Arriving in March

  • Poll Results + A New Patreon Theme Announcement!
  • Blue Eye Samurai Fan Art
  • A new Exalted Character of the Week portrait compilation
  • Part 2 of Movies That Make Me Want to Paint
  • Final Art for the X of Swords

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Here’s hoping the next time I write up a monthly digest that I’ll have some happier news to share of how everything is moving back towards an exceptionally long-term and incredibly, mind-numbingly boring normalcy.  Till then!

– Ang

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