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Apr 2021 Digest – Temperance Launch, Lady of Eternity Pins & more

It’s been a little tumultuous behind the scenes as our house moving plans have been delayed by some other exciting developments!  I can’t quite talk about them yet till they’re a sure thing, but I’m hoping to have some good news to share soon.  For now, we’re still in a bit of limbo as we pack up the house and wait on things to come the good word to come.

Meanwhile, I’ve been learning so much during my Making Art Work class!  I’m halfway through the material and it has been an intense and informative experience.  I’ve been experimenting with what I’ve been learning in class on my new Instagram account and taking my presentation to the next level with the launch for Temperance that happened in April.  I’m really excited to present my art with as much care as the passion put in!

If you want to keep up with the revelations I’ve been having as I go through the class, I’ve started a Twitter thread to collect my thoughts here.

Coming in May

Thanks to MAW, I also have some great ideas for redesigning the online gallery for my Birthstone Goddesses.  The class has given me a lot to think about as I move forward and re-center myself and my art biz.  I’ve been pondering how I can make the experience better for myself and for my fans.

My overall plan is to get my core presentation running like a well-oiled machine so that I can move forward with all the big plans for the releases I have in store for the Birthstone Goddesses.  I feel like if I can get that central rhythm for myself figured out that it’ll mean a smoother flow for everything else.

I’ll be adding another angel-themed digital coloring page inspired by one of the keyword sketches I created, plus I’m planning Behind the Scenes articles about the Birthstone Goddesses site, how I photograph my work, and an inspiration list of my favorite movies for visual inspiration.

Digest of April’s Posts

Rewards Added in April


In other news, I received my 2nd dose of the vaccine this week!  This means being one step closer to being able to hang out with our friends again, which will be such a relief.  It’s been a long journey for my husband and myself dealing with COVID this year, but I’m so grateful that we’ve been able to pull through these difficulties safely with Kev’s full recovery!

I hope everyone is happy, healthy, and hanging in there!

♥ Ang

Dec 2020 Digest – Wrapping up the Art Challenge, 2021 Goals, etc

December was a time of contemplation and recuperation. I spent it wrapping up the last few topics of the Exalted Art Challenge (with only 2 more to go that I’m still working on and hope to share soon).  Kev and I had a quiet holiday at home cooking and making apple cider.  It was pleasant and I hope you all had similar peaceful times!

The holidays gave me time to reflect on our journey this year.  2020 threw a curveball at me with the cancellation of nearly every in-person event, something I had prepped for by withdrawing from cons in advance.  2021 is proving much the same and today I’m working on building an agenda for myself that doesn’t include conventions.  I’m excited and a little less scared of yet another year without conventions!

I’m hoping that I find some ways to still stay connected with people via streaming, videos, and sharing my journey here. I want to put the time and energy I’d be prepping for cons into other ventures (IE. getting my site/shops proper, releasing new merch online, re-focusing on the Birthstone Goddesses, etc.).

It’s been a rough time for all and I am so very honored so many of you stuck around in 2020!  Your support has meant the world during an uncertain time where my artist income has plummeted without in-person events.  We’re thankfully stable, if a little stretched thin, as my husband’s job is considered essential, but that is also a double-edged sword of the risk he must take on being unable to work from home much of the time.

Still, we’re doing what we can to stay safe and keep things hopeful and in good humor around here!

Coming in January

I’m currently gearing up to return my focus to the Wall Calendar and Art Book for my Birthstone Goddesses series, as well as to make some changes to this Patreon’s tiers.  I’ll explain those plans in future posts soon!

  • New Coloring Page – $5+ Patrons – I’m also planning to add a new coloring page Reward for $5+ Patrons
  • New Secret Sketchbook Posts – $1+ Patrons – Progress continues on the Temperance painting I’ll be completing for the Woven Path Tarot.  My Patrons will be getting exclusive creative notes on my progress!

Digest of December’s Posts

Rewards Added in December

It’s a fresh new year and I hope to use this New Years energy to start off strong!  I’m getting my Trello Boards in a row and trying out some new scheduling rhythms for myself.  Upwards and onwards!

♥ Ang

November 2020 – Giving Thanks, Anime Recs, etc.

I can’t believe it’s December and 2020 is almost over.  I hope everyone has been well this past month!  We’ve been in good health, though we spent a couple of nerve-wracking weeks being quarantined, but with negative tests.  We’re thankful we’ve been so lucky and also to everyone who had decided to continue to support me here on Patreon this past month!  

I know these are hard times for many right now and I’m incredibly grateful so many have chosen to support me here in spite of everything. It has really helped us during these thin times when we haven’t had the income from in-person shows.

I spent the month concentrating on the next phase of the Exalted Art Challenge and frankly glad for the distraction of a topic list while I’ve been anxiously crawling up the walls.  We’ve been in isolation from friends and family since March 8th (267 days aaaaah!) and I’m definitely reaching my limit!  Since Kev cannot remain totally isolated, as he must still interact with folks inside and outside of the office at his job, we cannot maintain a safe bubble with friends and family who are also in at-risk groups.

Sooo we’re doing what we can to stay sane!  We’ve been playing tabletop games online with friends, catching up on anime, and reading. Lots of reading!  This month I discovered the absolutely enthralling anime The Promised Neverland on Netflix.  It’s gorgeously animated and the suspense is killer.  I’ve not seen something this well-written in a long while. Do highly recommend if you don’t mind a darker (but still hopeful) story!

Synopsis:  A family of orphans lives a happy life at Grace Fields, though they always wonder why Mother tells them never to cross the gates around their home.  Children seem to be adopted, but never write back.  The top three students at the orphanage band together to find out what’s not quite right about this place.

(From The Promised Neverland manga.)

Coming in December

  • The Exalted Art Challenge’s Conclusion – I only have about 10 topics left now!  I wasn’t able to quite wrap them up in November, but I’ll be sharing the rest of the topics created in December a week early instead of a month early so that folks who are non-Patrons won’t have to wait till next year to see them.

    – Check out the thread on Twitter to see when each topic goes public.

  • New Coloring Page – Keep your eyes peeled for a new coloring page added to my Patreon library for my $5+ Patrons!  My efforts continue to translate all of my angel-themed art for a future collection and physical book.

    – Stay tuned here and at my coloring group on Facebook for updates!

Digest of November’s Posts

Rewards Added in November

December is also the time I look forward to taking a look back at what I’ve created this year, as well as start getting hyped for what happens next year, so stay tuned for the Year In Art memes that come along with the year-end season as well.

Much love!  Keep busy and stay safe, friends!
– ♥ Ang

October 2020 – Fate of the Art Challenge, NaNoWriMo Joins the Fray!

Right off the bat, I have to say that October has been such indulgent fun for me!  Thanks to those of you who stuck with me through the wacky weirdness that was my Exalted Art Challenge.  I know it’s a bit different than the art you’re used to from me, but I hope it has been interesting for you all, just the same! 

I’ve had a minor conflict in that I was supposed to finish up the Exalted Art Challenge by the end of October, but for reasons (aka. my own meticulous nature), I’m only about halfway through the topic list!  As such, I’ve decided to continue the EAC into November as well.  This might be a little complicated because I’m also doing NaNoWriMo.  I’m going to try to do both and see how insane I go!  I have been looking forward to NaNoWriMo all year and could not give up on it this year again.  The plan is to put on an hour timer and write.  Keeping it simple and also not letting myself spend too long on it!

This may all be complicated by the fact that we’re planning to move in a couple months as well!  With luck, it’ll be into a house all our own.  We’re currently working on the details, so keep your fingers crossed!  Between packing up boxes and finishing up my last professional obligations of the year so I can focuson the move, I hope to keep myself sane with a creative escape to the EAC and NaNoWriMo!

Coming in November

  • The Exalted Art Challenge Part 2 – Continuing the 2nd half of the topic list!  Sketch collections will be shared with Patrons early and released a month later for the public.  Keep up with the Challenge’s final art at the Uncrucified’s project blog or this Twitter thread.
  • NaNoWriMo for The Uncrucified – Become my NaNo Buddy here!  I’m going to be continuing the 3rd person rewrite/novelization of The Uncrucified and sharing daily posts on my main Twitter.  I’ll be sharing progress in my Patreon Discord as well, so feel free to come join in the fun there with your own stories where we can encourage one another!
  • New Downloadables!  Also keep an eye out for a new coloring page for my $5+ Patrons and a wallpaper pack featuring Kalara’s “Garda Wings Attack” piece for ALL Patrons!

Digest of October’s Posts

Rewards Added in October

New Coloring Page! Angel of the Eclipse

Anyone taking on NaNoWriMo?  Did you do any fun challenges in October?  I’d love to hear about it!

It’s gonna be a fun November, which is also my birth-month.   I’ve been looking forward to crisp Autumn days and writing inspiration, despite everything else!

More soon,

♥ Ang

Secret Sketchbook – The Woven Path’s Temperance Part 1 – Research and Inspiration

Enjoy an exclusive Patrons-only look at my creative notes & more for my version of the Temperance card for the upcoming Woven Path Tarot deck we’re putting together over at the Changeling Artist Collective!

This article includes my mood boards, research sources, materials list, etc. for thumbnailing & inspiration. May it be useful and inspiring for others pursuing their own Tarot inspirations!

Once you’ve pledged any amount to my Patreon, you can read the article here. Every bit of support helps me to keep doing what I love!

September 2020 – Website Re-launch, Positive Vibes, & Upcoming Fun!

This year has been an odd one, to say the least, and I can’t believe we’re already 9 months into it!  The trend of re-centering myself and taking things slower continued in September with a month that was filled with biz maintenance tasks and exploring a new project in the Tarot vein, something I’ve always wanted to do!

I miss seeing all of my kindred spirits at conventions, but I admit to enjoying this extra time I have to update that old website, take stock of all the art I have around here that hasn’t made it into my shop yet, and other important things that never seemed to get done when I was rushing from deadline to deadline.

All in all, the big positive I’m taking away from this year is that despite not having conventions, I’ve made some great strides in improving my online presence as well as giving myself important rest time that I had been meaning to take for way too long!  Kev and I are happy and healthy and that is a blessing in and of itself.

As we move into next month, I feel such a swell of relief that I am taking October to truly focus on art themes that I have pushed to the side for years now!  I love my Birthstone Goddesses, but I have sorely needed this complete break from the subject matter so I can return to the final leg of my journey with them refreshed later.

New Website Launch!

For those who missed the posts, my Art Nouveau site has gotten a complete makeover!  I’ve retooled the entire website and menu so you can easily find all of my collections and explore the art process for my pieces within!

Coming in October

I’m so very excited to indulge my geeky muse with a tabletop RPG-inspired Art Challenge featuring the cool world of Exalted in October!  I’ll be active on my Patreon’s Discord community sharing sketches, inspirations, and thoughts.  I also have a section dedicated to Art Challenges, if any Patrons would like to join me there during this busy creative month!  

You can read more about Exalted, the Challenge I’m doing, plus see a few teases of art here.

I’ll also still have a coloring page release for my $5+ Patrons, so stay tuned.

Digest of September’s Posts

New Rewards Added in September

Are any of you taking on a creative challenge in October?  I’d love to hear about it!  I’m always keeping a list of challenges, since they have been proven to be excellent ways for me to jumpstart my muse and have proven to be good mental/creative breaks in the past.  (See my Monster Girls)

I’m so excited for next month! I can’t wait to share and hope you will enjoy the diversion as well.  I know you all come for the Birthstone Goddesses, but I hope you’ll stay for the gunslinging demigod ladies (at least for a little while)!

More soon,

♥ Ang