Narrated Time Lapse & Art – The Crucified Dreamer’s OC Gala Outfit

It looks like I forgot to pause my billing cycle for February!  I wanted to treat you all for your continued support here since I’d feel bad if you guys got nothing this month.  And so my dear Patrons get an Early Access sneak peek of this narrated time lapse I made of my recent art!  Everyone else will have to wait till next month before they are able watch this on my YouTube channel.

I worked extra hard on this time lapse to add more in-depth narration, effects, and chapter bookmarks so you can browse through exactly where you want to watch.  I really felt like I had to share my journey with this piece as I almost gave up on it!  I had pretty bad art block in the middle that I was eventually able to overcome.   I wanted to share that journey of discovery with others who might be helped by seeing another artist struggle through a piece and how it was worth pushing myself the extra mile.  

I hope you enjoy this extra polished video!  Definitely let me know how I can improve future videos like this in the comments, if you have any thoughts.

I’ve been taking it slow with art lately and indulging some different styles and aesthetics to refresh the muse.  Vicky Pandora’s OC Gala event with its “Vampire Masquerade” theme gave me the perfect opportunity to indulge in a dark elegant fantasy aesthetic I love so much, which led to the creation of this piece!

The Crucified Dreamer’s Story

Her delighted laughter rings in the ears of those she has marked for death. Many revolutionaries have fallen to her seductions, The Dreamer delighting in watching their ‘beautiful deaths’. All in service of her Deathlord, the Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears.

For she was once a revolutionary herself, one who dreamed of reform until The Guild crucified her for a murder she did not commit. Between life and death, The Lover saved her, gifting her the power of an Abyssal Deathknight. The Dreamer wears tears in devotion to her Deathlord, her skin the blue of a corpse. Her crucifixion wounds adorned by henna and chain will never heal.

Final Art

Both of these pieces were created in Procreate, which I’ve been favoring lately because working on an iPad is less taxing on my shoulder tendon.

The Dreamer’s full outfit:

I do believe that’s one of the best faces I’ve drawn in a long while!

I’m not sure how much art I’ll be able to do between now and surgery, so I’ve made sure to pause the billing cycle ahead of March so I don’t forget again.  I may still share some art here, if I happen to finish it.

Otherwise, I hope you enjoyed this glimpse of something different!

♥ Ang

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