Angelic Visions Giveaway!

(EDIT: The Winners have been chosen here!)

Finally, the blog giveaway has arrived!  I’ll make this short n sweet.

Leave a comment on this entry talking about your favorite mythological figure (and why you love them).  In two weeks, on Saturday, February 19th, I’ll be drawing three names using  Here’s what you’ll get a chance at winning!

The prize pot!

One lucky winner will receive a signed book, an autographed special edition metallic print of the cover, and a handmade angel feather bookmark!  Two other lucky winners will each receive their very own handmade angel feather bookmark.

Take a closer look at that bookmark!

Constructed from 3 oz leather, these feathers were hand-carved, hand-painted, signed, and dated on the backs by yours truly!  Each one is special and unique due to the nature of the leather carving process. No two will ever be exactly the same.  You can’t see it very well in the photos, but they glimmer with a dusting of gold that’s just entrancing to behold!

NOTE! If you don’t tell me about your favorite mythological figure, you will not be included in the drawing!  If you’ve already bought the book and would just like to be entered to win a bookmark, be sure to specify that in your comment.

Haven’t heard of Angelic Visions?  Than go check out my book trailer to learn more about this shiny new tome on portraying your very own fantasy angel figures!

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  1. Ofelia says:

    I think it’s hard to name just one favourite character from mythology, since I love so many of them… But well… I think it’d be a draw between Näcken (The Neck) and Bäckahästen (The brook horse), two very similar characters from Swedish mythology. They both lure their victims to drown them, Näcken by playing his violin and Bäckahästen by luring his victims to ride him.
    I guess I’m just fascinated by evil beings that drown people 😀

  2. My most fancied mythical creatures would be demons… but not on the form of ugly and repulsive distorted creatures but the beautiful fallen angels.
    Out of that I bought paradise lost with gustave Doré’s ink drawings/engravings
    I really hope this book of yours has great success… and I’d be happy if I was able to find it in bookstores where I live… but like always… if the raffle does not favour me I’ll shall once again break my superglue fixed piggy bank and buy it through the net.

  3. Seishyn says:

    I’m fascinated by so many mythical beings/creatures, so it’s hard to leave some of my favorites out. I’ve always had an affinity for unicorns growing up. I loved them so much because they were truly pure and mystical creatures. In my mind they had limitless power, but with it was accompanied such wisdom that they would only use it for good. If I had to pick only one mythical creature it would be them.

  4. faerywitch says:

    I am hoping for a feather, since I already have the book and the print is gracing my little studio 🙂
    One of my favorite mythological figures (since I can never decide for only one) would be Elal, the Tehuelche child god-hero that was carried by the swan to be protected from the bad gods that wanted to kill him. He made the Chonek, the people, and taught them how to use fire and arrows, to hunt and to behave morally.

  5. Katherine B. says:

    Choosing one mythological figure is impossible for me! I’ve been in love with and studying angels for many years now, but I’m also partial to the Greek chthonic deities, especially Hades and Thanatos.

    As far as the angels go, I really like the archangels, especially Remiel. I’m fascinated how, in the Book of Enoch, he’s included as both an archangel in good standing, and also a fallen Grigori. I like everything he stands for: hope, visions, and resurrection.

  6. Marion says:

    Ah, has to be Quetzalcoatl, he reaches through many ancient native american peoples myth, right up to present day, though sadly Cortez gained a deadly advantage because of being mistaken as the god.

    There is much to be admired in the concepts of the feathered serpent, a teacher, leader, protector and a much better view of the serpent as a positive element than in the christian view of evil.

    Marion Z. Skydancer

  7. Caporushes says:

    Oh gosh, I love mythology so much, it’s hard to pick just one favorite mythological figure. I think one of the ones I keep coming back to time and time again is Persephone. All the cults and lore surrounding her really fascinate me– she’s both the maiden of springtime and the iron queen of the dead. Her duality is really interesting, and I never get sick of thinking about, reading about or drawing things inspired by her! I’m also really into selkies, oh ho ho ho! But really all mythology is interesting to me! I love research on the subject.

  8. Wyldangel says:

    My favorite mythological figure is the japanese kitsune with angels as a close second.

    I love the idea of the benevolent trickster that kitsune represent and just the generally playful nature of the creature while still acknowledging the fact that they care be very very dangerous. The dichotomy is really interesting.

  9. FlyingFrog says:

    I would have to say… oh geez, Bast, Diana, Pallas Athena, Aphrodite, many interesting figures and strong women have been my favorites, my guides. Picking one hero just means limiting how much you want to learn – the more you open yourself to them the more they teach you 🙂 Not that I am saying the idea is flawed, just that it is so hard to choose…

  10. thetarotfool says:

    It changes over time, with my moods and interests. Right now I’m actually very enthusiastic about angels (which is how I discovered your art) and a few angels in particular, especially Azrael. Spirits, angels, gods and goddesses of death have always been particularly fascinating to me, and I especially find the lore behind a few select ones incredibly intriguing. I love the story about how Azrael came to be the angel of death – the myth about Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and him going to collect dust from the earth to make Adam, but only Azrael was able to resist the pleas of the earth and succeed.

    But, as a writer, I am very fond of angels which are much more obscure, because I then have the opportunity to build on what little mythology does exist about them. In that area, my focus lies on Turiel, mentioned in the book of Enoch as one of the angels who “cohabited with the daughters of men.” I find that to be a terribly interesting story! 🙂

  11. Snuffles379 says:

    Like others said its pretty hard to pick a favorite so I’ll just mention two of the figures I’m currently most interested in, Hermes and Pandora.
    Hermes or Mercury really interest me because he seems to be a bit of a disreputable and trickster like character while still partaking in tasks that seem to be for the good of man. I’m mostly interested in his task of psychopomp, escorting the dead to the netherworld.
    Also I find the tale of Pandora’s jar or box very interesting, from what I’ve read Pandora was a beautiful woman and yet her curiosity got he best of her.

  12. Guruubii says:

    I got book, and print!

    Though it’s kinda opposite of you, I’m love for Hades.
    C’mon, UNDERWORLD!? DEAD things!? thats right up my alley.
    PLUS PLUS PLUS James woods in Hercules as Hades just was win.
    I only just vaguely thought of him as my fav before that movie but he was really the highlight for me.
    Also when i worked on Class OF the Titans He was nearly IMPOSSIBLE to colour, but whenever I got a scene with him i was like “OMG YAY”

    Stupid reasons, but whatevs 😀

  13. forsomeone says:

    Like most people, my favorite changes with time based on what I’m interested in. I’ve always been partial to the archangel Gabriel since I was a child simply because I had a babysitter that used to talk about angels to me. After she passed away, I slowly started learning more and more about them in part to feel closer to her. Plus, it is said that Gabriel helped create coffee so what is not to love about him? 🙂

    Another favorite of mine has to be more of a race really. My grandfather is full Irish and so when I was little, everything was always blamed on the Leprechauns. I just recently had the chance to go visit Ireland and while I was there, I was able to retell the stories that my grandfather told me as a little girl. One night we sat around in a pub, trading fairy stories with each other and with each drink, the tales just got more and more wild. It was like we were all children again. I think that might be why I like Leprechauns so much. They are essentially tricksters in their own right, not always on the up and up on the moral scale, and very childlike it their doings.

  14. Pat says:

    My favorite mythological figure would have to be Lugh Samildanach, one of the Tuatha de Danaan of Irish myth. I’m partial to solar deities anyway, but with a name that means “skilled in many arts”, he really kind of appeals to my jack-of-all-trades nature. Not that I’m skilled in all arts myself; nobody lets me near a hammer if they can help it!

    Anyway, he’s my favorite today. Ask me again tomorrow, and the answer will probably change.

  15. My my. Alright, well jumping in the mix here about mythology, I should mention that I’m biased…because these are my Gods. Mythology in all of it’s forms is crucial to understanding what it means to be human and I’m a fan of that.

    That said, my favorite “mythological” figure would have to be Morrighan, my patroness. She is, in many respects, almost as a sister to Freyja of the Norse lore…but her psychopomp nature is only scratching the surface. A lover, a fighter, a sorceress of immeasurable power, a prophetess and poet in her own right, a shapeshifter, and a creator of heroes. (Read: The Tain ) Still, I have a soft spot for any of the Tuatha deDanaan. Some claim that they were angels trapped on earth; others say that they migrated from India or Greece long ago. Regardless, they never cease to fascinate and tease the imagination even today. (Read: the first and second battles of magh tuiredh from the book of invasions..) Brigid, Lugh, Nuada, Eochaid Ollathair (the Dagda), Airmid, Dian Cecht, Boann, Ogma…their tales never cease to inspire me. 🙂

  16. Oh sheeeeeeeeeeesh you know me, and you know how hard this is to answer!!

    I’m going to just skim by the whole sheer numbner of Angelic figures I’ve obsessed with.. and my drunken prideful ultimately redeemable if I can pull it off light-bringer of a muse lol.

    As far as other myths/legends. I’ve always been a fan of the sphinx.. something about the fact that this figure has been seen in mutliple relegions, and yet no one seems to know much about her at all? That intrigues me!

    And then Bast, as a powerful feline protector of women who also can admit that sensuality is alright to enjoy? Yeah I like her too! lol

    *seriously wants a feather!!!* lol

  17. Greybird says:

    I’ll say … Icarus. Not a literal admiration, though. He’s my favorite figure to contemplate out of reaction TO his mythological resonance. Which is about the hubris of brash youth that thinks it can challenge the Sun (that is, the authorities), but inevitably fails from trying too hard.

    Every time I think of Icarus, my mind is led to modern analogues who actually have brought human beings into the skies. Such as my uncle, who received patents for inventing six rocket propellants. Or the Wright brothers, or Robert Goddard, or von Braun, or any number of other innovators.

    Who says a favorite figure has to be one of direct admiration? A spur to thought can be just as valuable.

    Oh, and one of my favorite paintings of winged women, hanging as a print on my wall (soon, I hope, to be supplemented by one of yours), is Ruth Thompson’s “Daughter of Icarus.” I love the implications of that: His kind succeeded, thrived, and multiplied, rather than fell.

    Think about that with the “icari” who are even now striving, as we speak, in the streets of Cairo … to displace some monsters.

    (Long-time admirer of your lovely gallery at deviantART, by the way. I’m Greybird007 over there.)

  18. Tammie says:

    it must be so exciting to have your book published! I watched the video and it looks wonderful and like something I would enjoy learning from.

    as far as favorite mythological figures, it is hard to choose one. for now I choose Inanna. Goddess of heaven and earth. I like the experience of fully embracing the earth experience and being connected to the heavens, because this embraces more of who we are.

    thank you for including me in your gorgeous, fun and wonderful give away!

  19. Adina says:

    phoenix: I have always liked the thoughts behind the phoenix.The Phoenix’s ability to be reborn from its own ashes and relive its life. this gave me hope whenever i did somthing wrong that i could rise out of the trouble i was in and make good out of it. so to me the phoenix has always been my most loved and encouraging mythological figure.

  20. Shaylynn says:

    I’m hoping for just the feather, myself, because I don’t need another book! 🙂 Someone else on here could use the book better than me trying to pass it off on one of my friends if I did win, lol!

    My favorite would have to be a phoenix, same as Adina. 🙂

  21. wendy toney says:

    I will answer this in 2 parts because I am unsure what you mean about a mythological figure. I am in absolute awe of unicorns. They are so beautiful and majestic, pure and loving in every sense of the words. The only thing that could make a unicorn more beautiful would be if it had huge feathery wings…my persona on DA is Almalphia, a purple and gold winged unicorn… 😉 I am also a dragon nut!

    The second half would be a Mythological figure as in a person from mythology. I would have to say Athena…she was the Greek Goddess of wisdom, warfare, strategy, heroic endeavour, handicrafts and reason. Being an artist she resonates with me, and I am fairly intelligent, so the wisdom thing rocks too! Artemis is awesome too, especially with the whole wild animal thing!

    Thanks so much for this opportunity! Your work is to die for, you have incredible vision and talent!

  22. Rafleshia says:

    Well! Coincidentally, my favorite mythological figure happens to be the angel(s). Conversely, demons, but yeah, the focus is gonna be on angels. The fact that they exist across nearly all religions (as psychopomp or simply messenger, to name a few… er names) I’ve always thought was kinda mind boggling. They first got my eye when I was a kid with the fact they had wings. Wings have been the stuff of my dreams and obsession for, like, ever. Symbol of freedom and so many things. Hmm, well, I guess if I had to be specific about a figure in particular amongst angels…

    I think the various forms of Lucifer are sorta fascinating. Before being demonized, though. The morning star, the adversary, the tempter, the equal. He could be portrayed in so many ways, not merely as a shining beacon of evil and all ugly and nasty things that bump in the night. But as a thing with a goal however simple or complex that could help make or break the world and…. I’m probably just rambling and blowing hot air now. Explaining things is hard but I made the effort and that’s all that counts in the end, heh.

    I doubt I’ll win this lil giveaway thing, but I’ll be buying the book anyways! And who knows, luck willing, two copies are better than one~ And a feather!

  23. Thyme2dream says:

    I dont know if she technically counts as mythology, but I love JM Barrie’s version of Fairy Queen Mab from Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens. I even designed a whole wedding range in honor of her- inspired by Arthur Rackham;s wonderful illustrations:)

  24. uniformgrey says:

    This is a really hard question to pin down the answer to, but I’d have to say the classic mermaid. When I was little and learned through my local library and other books that there were other forms of the mermaid in different cultures like the merrow etc. I got even more fascinated. I’ve always been attracted to creatures of the water.

  25. Caro-chan says:

    Those feathers are gorgeous! I seriously thought they were real feathers at first! I’m always so amazed at your leather working skills.

    I would have to say my favorite mythological figure is probably the Greek Sphinx. I don’t really know why exactly! But when I was very little I knew about the big sphinx in Egypt but then I learned that there was a smaller, winged sphinx that was, instead of being an imposing pharaoh, was a woman. I was for some reason very intrigued by this “other sphinx”!

  26. S. Gates says:

    I think my favorite mythological figure (of late, at least) is Loki. I’ve always loved the stories about what Loki does to mess with his contemporaries. My favorite is the story of Baldr and Hod, because it’s pretty ridiculous by today’s standards, and kind of hilarious.

    Baldr and Hod were brothers, but Baldr was so beloved by the gods that the gods basically asked everything in the world to agree not to kill him. Everything agreed except for one tree, which didn’t give two flying flips about Baldr. Since nothing would kill him, using Baldr as target practice became the main way to pass time. Enter Loki, who thought it was pretty silly how everyone fawned over Baldr. He approached Hod, who was blind, and gave him an arrow made from the tree that didn’t agree to not kill Baldr. Hod, being blind, didn’t know better, so he accidentally killed his brother.

    Since this is Loki, he’s not satisfied. Odin goes to Hel to try to get Baldr back, but Hel’s kinda nonplussed now too. She says she’ll give him back if Odin can prove that everyone in the world wants him back. So Loki takes the form of an old woman and says that “she” does not want Baldr back from the dead, thereby sealing Baldr’s fate in Hel’s realm.

    So yeah, that’s Loki bein’ Loki. There’s just so much fun to be had with his antics.

  27. Chantel hale says:

    I think I would have to say a Kirin. One of the first stories I remember reading by myself was out of a little book called “love of unicorns” or something like that. And the story talked about a creature that was so peaceful it did not step on even a piece of grass. It always struck me as a pure creature, benevolent and intelligent. The story I read went on about how an ugly donkey rescued a little girl from being hurt by bad men and because of its pure spirit and fearlessness in saving the girl it became a kirin and wherever it stepped flowers sprung up. I like peaceful things and a Kirin is the epitome of peace and to me even love <3

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