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September 2014 Giveaway and Q&A

EVENT LINK on Google+:

Join me for my September Patreon Giveaway! See how my month’s been going, ask me anything, and learn which lucky Patreon patron will win one of my art items!

Can’t make it? Leave your questions in comments and I’ll answer them at the event, which will be recorded and automatically uploaded afterwards to my YouTube channel, where you can watch the broadcast later: 

Sponsor me on Patreon to get in on this chance to win unique items direct from the artist. Only Patrons at the $10 and up level will be added to the giveaway: 

Questions are fielded via the Q&A text chat feature within Hangouts, so do not worry about ‘calling in’ if you are shy.

August Giveaway + Q&A

I usually do a live broadcast, but with company visiting for DragonCon and last minute prep to be had, I don’t think I’ll have the time!  So I’m trying something a little different this month.

For this month, leave your questions here on this blog entry and I’ll get back to them in a blog post on August 27th.  I’ll also be announcing my Patreon winners for that month as well!  Here’s what’s in the prize pot for this month:

An original ACEO drawing featuring my
‘mascot’, Aurora!

Sometimes an artist needs to have a little fun after drawing so many SRS things!

This is a collectible card drawing which is 2.5×3.5 inches.  It will fit anywhere you could put a baseball card, making it a miniature masterpiece!

OR, if the winner prefers, you can have a 50% off coupon for either of my Etsy shops (for masks or art)!  This is something new I’m trying out as a prize option just in case angry fairies don’t fit in with your decor.  As always, in order to be eligible for the giveaway part of this event, you’ll need to be a patron of $10 and above over at my Patreon page.

So leave your questions in comments!  They can be about anything and everything, though I specialize in talking about art, video games, and generally geeky things.:)  I will respond to them and reveal this month’s Patreon winners on the 27th!

100th Reader Giveaway WINNERS!

It seems I had the same number of commenters as I did prizes, so you are ALL winners!  Here they are in order:

Jennifer – You are the winner of a copy of my art book, Angelic Visions, with a sketch on the inside cover!  Send me your 2-word sketch prompt which should be abstract concepts or objects. No specific names, such as a person’s name.  For example, I’ve had such keywords in the past as ‘tribal angel’, ‘magpie magnolia, etc.  I will also need your mailing address.  If you already have a copy of the book or want to pass on the book, than I can send you a sketch by itself, instead.  Let me know your preference!

Raven and Anita – You are my print winners!  Just go to the Fine Art Prints and Clearance section of my shop and choose an item. It can be anything from these sections, even matted prints!  I will need you both to email me your mailing addresses.

Send along those mailing addresses to angela (at)

Thanks so much for leaving me your feedback. I hope you will enjoy the prizes and continue to enjoy the topics of discussion here.  I’m warming up for one more year with some big changes ahead for me.  I can’t wait to share them with you all!

For now, stay creative, folks!

100th Reader Giveaway!

I just realized my little journal here is about to hit its 100th reader!

Three years ago, I started this blog as a way to document my journey as an artist, offer advice, and as a way to inspire myself to always stay active and creative. Three years later, I’m still here toiling ever towards my goals. It began with a starstruck artist dreaming of how to channel all that potential bottled up inside. Not much has changed, besides adding ever more lenses of perspective to my career goals and seeing things that much clearer with each new bit of knowledge I pick up as I go along.
As for The Giveaway! Leave a comment on this entry telling me about what you have enjoyed about this blog, what you’d like to see more of, etc.  I will choose winners from among the commenters at random this Sunday, October 28th.  I will choose THREE winners who will get the following prizes!

– One person will get a free copy of my book with an ink sketch inside the front cover.

– Two others will get one free print of their choosing from my shop. It can be anything I have in stock in my shop that you see in the Fine Art Prints section or in my Clearance section, including specially matted prints.

– If the person I choose as the book winner has a book already, or does not want the book for some reason, I can do an ink sketch without the book, instead.

Thanks to all of you for sticking with me this long. I hope you have enjoyed your time here as much as I do on a weekly basis. Your words of inspiration mean the world to me just as I hope you will take some of the inspiration you find here when you leave. Stay creative!

Angelic Visions Giveaway WINNERS!

The comments are in and the winners have been chosen! Druumroooll pleaaase!
Dun dun DUN. And the Winners by completely random list generation aaaare…:

Marion, who wins an autographed copy of Angelic Visions and an angel feather bookmark! Marion’s favorite mythological figure was the winged serpent, Quetzalcoatl. Read on at his comment to find out why!

The following winners chosen by completely random list generator will each receive a handmade leather angel feather bookmark!  The feather winners aaare…:

Uniformgrey, who talked of a love for classic mermaids of all types!  Read on at their comment to find out why.

Thetarotfool, who spoke of an affinity for angels, particularly Azrael and other personifications of death. Read on at their comment to find out more!

Winners, please email me with your snail mail address ASAP so I can get your prizes out to you!

I will be attempting to send out notice to you as well, just to make sure we don’t miss each other.

I hope you all enjoyed this giveaway as much as I did! It was a pleasure to learn about what mythological figures inspire others, some I’ve heard of, and some I haven’t!  I particularly enjoyed reading comments like Foresomeone’s which talked about the oral tradition behind sharing tales of leprechauns with their grandpa.  There are so many other interesting comments, so I encourage you to look back at the giveaway entry and give them a peek yourself!

Thanks to all for participating!  I trust this won’t be the last Angelic Visions related prize event in these pages, so keep your eyes peeled!  And thanks for sharing your stories with me.:)

Angelic Visions Giveaway!

(EDIT: The Winners have been chosen here!)

Finally, the blog giveaway has arrived!  I’ll make this short n sweet.

Leave a comment on this entry talking about your favorite mythological figure (and why you love them).  In two weeks, on Saturday, February 19th, I’ll be drawing three names using  Here’s what you’ll get a chance at winning!

The prize pot!

One lucky winner will receive a signed book, an autographed special edition metallic print of the cover, and a handmade angel feather bookmark!  Two other lucky winners will each receive their very own handmade angel feather bookmark.

Take a closer look at that bookmark!

Constructed from 3 oz leather, these feathers were hand-carved, hand-painted, signed, and dated on the backs by yours truly!  Each one is special and unique due to the nature of the leather carving process. No two will ever be exactly the same.  You can’t see it very well in the photos, but they glimmer with a dusting of gold that’s just entrancing to behold!

NOTE! If you don’t tell me about your favorite mythological figure, you will not be included in the drawing!  If you’ve already bought the book and would just like to be entered to win a bookmark, be sure to specify that in your comment.

Haven’t heard of Angelic Visions?  Than go check out my book trailer to learn more about this shiny new tome on portraying your very own fantasy angel figures!

Be a doll and spread the word using the social networking share links at the top of this entry!  Every link back makes me feel all warm n fuzzy inside.

Q&A With Jacqueline Carey Event!

As many of you know (or perhaps don’t), I have long been an admirer of the works of Jacqueline Carey (specifically her Kushiel’s Legacy series of books). With some of the most unique spins on obscure angel and fallen angel figures I’ve seen in modern literature, how can I not love it? Not to mention her sumptuous writing style and palpable imagery always set my muse a-tingling. (This bodes for a ‘top ten novels that make my muse tingle’ post in the future!)

Anyways, the point of this particular entry is to set your eye on an event going on this coming Tuesday, June 1st! My fellow plotter, upcoming author, and friend, Hayley E. Lavik, is having a Q&A event with Jacqueline! Check Hayley’s entry on the matter for details, as this could be your chance to win hand-crafted swag of my creation and a copy of Jacqueline’s latest release in the series, Naamah’s Kiss.

Not to mention how wonderful and rare it is to have questions answered by a best-selling novelist in the themes of world-building and advice for aspiring authors everywhere!

So set your calendars and don’t miss this event!