Tutorial – How to Make Storage Envelopes for Your Art

There have been so many little tasks on my platter lately, from website building to registration for conventions! I’ve had to shift modes to figure out just how I’ll be transporting my art safely to those art fairs and conventions that are a little farther away from home than I’ve ever ventured for an event. Watercolor paintings in Georgia/Alabama heat and humidity for hours? Lightly bubble-wrapped frames reinforced with masking tape clanking together in my back seat? Nightmare waiting to happen!

Whilst surfing through the discussions over at Art Fair Insiders, I heard mention of a product called a Gallery Pouch, which is like SUPERPOWERED bubble wrap envelopes that keep your art safe. One thing led to another and I found myself experimenting with how to Do It Yourself by making my own pouches out of things you should easily be able to find at your local hardware store.

This time, I finally hauled out the camcorder to record my efforts! Enjoy and feel free to ask questions!

Oh and should you join up over at Art Fair Insiders, tell them that AngelaRSasser sent you in the referral field!

EDIT: I should also note that I have weather tested these envelopes by leaving them in a car parked in the sun from dawn till dusk and they showed no signs of melting tape or other adverse effects. Time will tell how well they stand up to weathering usage, but I am optimistic about their survivability thus far.

Tutorial – How to Make Storage Envelopes for Your Art – Part 1

Tutorial – How to Make Storage Envelopes for Your Art – Part 2


  1. Angela Sasser says:

    Yup! Once I return from Imagicon in Alabama I’ll do a follow-up for how well they survived. I already tested them by leaving them in a car all day long, with great results (no sticky glue or melted tape!). I’m optimistic about the results, so far!

    And kicking myself for not thinking of something like this sooner!

  2. Connie Mettler says:

    Angela, this is all so cool…love these envelopes. AND thanks for your kind words about ArtFairInsiders.com, a little project that is dear to my heart. Thanks for joining us and for all your participation.

    • Sorry for the long delay in reply. The bags I made with the metallic tape have lasted a couple of years now! If the edges get worn, I just renew with a new layer of tape. I can’t think of any changes I would make thus far.

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