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Did You Know? Unknown Nouveau

If you’ve been enjoying my Ladies of the Months series thus far, you might also enjoy the series of articles I’ve been writing here on Patreon called Unknown Nouveau.

While Mucha is one of my strongest influences on this series, there are so many wonderful artists who emerged from the Art Nouveau movement during its prime between the 1880s and 1890’s.

The Unknown Nouveau articles focus on artists from the movement you might not have heard of, many who are also female artists who simply did not get the same attention as their male counterparts. I wanted to feature some of these lesser-known artists, as well as inspire and educate myself along the way.

You can start browsing my current Unknown Nouveau articles here.

Enjoy and let me know if you’ve heard of an unknown Art Nouveau artist who you think I should feature OR if you discover someone new from the articles who you think is amazing!

Unknown Nouveau: Jane Atché

Featuring another unsung artist of the Art Nouveau movement, French artist Jane Atché .  I couldn’t find much about Atché, other than that she was a pupil of Mucha, Jean-Paul Laurens and other artists while studying at the Julian Academy of art in Paris.

The influence of Mucha definitely shines through with her decorative and compositional flare.  Atché brings her own sense of fashion and elegance to her figures.  I only wish I could find a broader collection of her work!

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Unknown Nouveau: Amelia Bauerle

This week’s unsung artist of the Art Nouveau movement is Amelia Bauerle.  Originally from London, Amelia worked as an illustrator and artist.  Like many artists of the movement, she also submitted works to the The Yellow Book magazine, a collection of works of poetry, art, and other creative work of the era.

Bauerle’s work shows such delicacy of emotion and handling of line that makes her work shine, even if the majority of her work was created in black and white.

Her mermaids are a fortuitous inspiration for Mermay this month as well!

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Unknown Nouveau: Alexandre de Riquer

Today’s unsung artist from the Art Nouveau movement is Alexandre de Riquer , another artist from Spain where he was one of the prominent figures of the Modernism movement.   He was born to an aristocratic family and studied in France.  

It was in France and London where he fell in love with the graphic design of the lithographic posters of the Art Nouveau movement, a relatively new form of advertising at the time.

His prolific body of work spans everything from posters to magazines to book covers!  Saying that, I wish I could find a broader collection of his work.  There are so few I could dig up!  I suspect I will have to dig through collections in Barcelona to find more of his beautiful work.

I love the way Riquer’s art shows more of the Japanese influence on Art Nouveau with his simplified lines and relatively flat colors.

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Unknown Nouveau: Gaspar Camps

While I’m busy grinding away braincells on Lady of July ‘s many flower buds, I wanted to introduce you to another Art Nouveau artist I had never heard of!  Gaspar Champs hailed from Spain and spent a large part of his career in France.  He was very heavily influenced by Mucha, so much so that he became known as the ‘Catalan Mucha’.

Like my previous feature of Élisabeth Sonrel , I love how Camps brought his own unique flair to Alphonse Mucha’s line style.  At times, Camps’ work feels more abstract with his figures melting into the details of his images.

I also love the sense of light bouncing in his more painterly work.  What a joy it was to discover him!

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UNKNOWN NOUVEAU: Élisabeth Sonrel

While I’m busy working on Lady of July, enjoy a look at this stunning work by female Art Nouveau artist, Élisabeth Sonrel!  While she was active at the same time as other artists of the movement, I had never heard of her until recently. 

She reminds so very much of Mucha with her line work, but has a sense of decorative layout that feels more detailed and layered at times.  Definitely check her out for a lovely array of painterly and graphical work!

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I plan to start doing these little ‘Unknown Nouveau‘ entries, so I have something to share during those slow times when I’m busy working and don’t have much to show yet!  The art keeps me inspired and is something I love sharing with you all. What do you think?  

Also, do you know any other Art Nouveau artists I might not have heard of?  Let me know in comments!