My Studio Photo Tour

Last post I mentioned the fact that I was able to fanagle a studio spot in a small gallery in town where my mother and I are sharing a little work space (about 10’x10′ all in all).  At $200 a month ($100 a piece), it’s a pretty sweet deal!  I’ve spent all of this past week prepping it for display and the ensuing flood of art junk that will finally make it habitable for an artist.

Without further ado, I present to you a photo tour!

Oh what’s that nook shining in the dark?
Come closer, my pretties!  The shinies await!
Still filling out the walls. A banner will probably go there in the top-middle.
To the left, we have my mom’s corner of the gallery where she makes shinies for
the magpies in all of us! She has an Etsy shop called Lee’s Curio if you want to see more.

Inside of the door. An artistic shot of the print rack.

These look familiar to anybody? They were the ‘bottled dream’ jars from
my senior show at West Georgia! So far, I’ve gotten more questions
about what the jars mean than the artwork, itself.
Curiosity is funny that way.

Close up of my leather crafts! I have them stacked on top of clear
collectible cases that were meant to hold dolls that I found on clearance.
They’re perfect for stacking for translucent tiered displays.

A close up of the print bins. Got the 3 bins on the left from Walmart in
the plastic bin aisle.  They’re sold as ‘shoe bins’.
The card bins on the right were from Michaels.  Clearance specials FTW!
To the right we have my little work space. That glowing immaculate spot on the counter is
where I’ll soon be painting! I expect that counter won’t be so clean in the near future. You can tell
I’ve barely had a chance to work in here because it’s so clean and bare of art supplies.

The pictures on the wall are temporary placeholders till I can get some works in progress going.
Check out how awesome the print of Persephone came out!
Kudos to Photos2canvas2u for their awesome canvas print rates!

That’s all for now!  Expect a video tour in the near future as well.
I suspect I’ll have a follow-up photo tour once the studio has been nice and dirtied up with work!
I can’t wait to get started. Bua ha ha!  What is your studio like? Feel free to share in comments!


    • That’s a cute name, Indigene! I haven’t thought of a name yet, except for the Batcave, but that’s already taken by another character.

      I can keep calling it the Batcave though since it makes me feel so hip and cool. XD

  1. Your studio is GORGEOUS! I definitely need to get a real studio space outside of my bedroom one day soon. It’s getting so crowded with packaging supplies, products, art supplies, mini-office and printer… ahhh! I would kill for you studio! 😀

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