Jan 2021 Digest – COVID Diagnosis

I’m afraid I won’t have much to share from January, as this month began with massive anxiety during the riot in the Capitol and has ended with my husband, Kevin, in the hospital with COVID and pneumonia.  It’s a trying time for us and I’m not sure how much work I’ll be able to do while I focus on Kevin and keeping myself healthy.

The bright side is that while Kev is currently hospitalized as of this writing, his prognosis is good and he will hopefully be able to come home in a few days once he is able to strengthen his lungs and come off oxygen.  Meanwhile, I have tested negative, but will be sequestering at home just in case I was exposed after my test samples were taken.  We made sure to don masks here at home as soon as Kev started feeling ill, which I think helped a lot!

We’re unsure of where he picked it up, as he had only been going out for medications and work and had been wearing a mask whenever possible.  We had also opted to cancel cons for the remainder of this year as well.  This is a prime example that it should not just be one person who wears the mask, but the people around them as well.

I hope I have some better news to share soon and that Kev will be able to be happy and safe at home again soon!

Coming in February

It may be a thin month for new art while we stabilize our situation, but here are a few things that I still want to happen in February:

  • A new angel-themed coloring page for my Patreon Digital Library.
  • The price of my lowest tier will be going up to $2 to offset the fees that are eating into what I take home as a Creator. REMEMBER that if you are currently pledged at $1, you can stay at this tier! You will only be required to pledge $2 if you leave this tier and need to re-pledge.
  • A Special Offer is coming for the month of February! I’ve already laid the groundwork for offering a reprint of my Lady of Eternity hard enamel pin for everyone who missed out on her. Stay tuned for a post with more details on how to snag a free pin if you’re pledging $10 or more!
  • Finish up the Exalted Art Challenge!  I’ve been delayed on this because of everything going on, but if I can concentrate enough, I want to wrap up the final topic by the middle of February.  The birthstone Goddesses await my return!  I may end up shelving the last bit of the Challenge for another time if I can’t wrap it up by the middle of February.

Digest of January’s Posts

Rewards Added in January

Please keep us in your thoughts!  I hope to return in February with more positive news and inspiring things to share.

♥ Ang

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