DragonCon Diary 09 – The Calm Before the Storm

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It’s been a quiet week on this blog and for that, I apologize. Life has a way of catching up to us and it doesn’t help that I decided to take on the task of entering a contest at the very last minute. I took a quick break from convention prep to try for the OnAngels Magazine art & literature contest, where they have promised to match the prize money for a charity or college department, and I honestly love the school fundraising ideas they have. It was an opportunity I couldn’t miss. If you’re curious to see my entries for it, you can spy me at the bottom of the entrants page.

Now, it’s back to the grind, and back to flailing and trying to get things done for Dragon Con and AWA! All while still keeping up with deadlines and commissions. The lists continue to shrink and evolve and look something like this now:

Things I’ve finished:

  • Applied for the EIN, but now it seems they’re taking a long time to get back to me about what my number is. If I can’t get it sorted out, than I may have to take cash only for a little bit longer.


  • Finished 3 sets of cameo necklaces with matching earrings. They were super fun to make, so expect more, once I find a good wholesale source for supplies. (Sneaky peek of necklaces).


  • Finished the contest entry, which will also be doubling as the centerpiece painting for my Dragon Con display. (Sneaky peek of the painting, a special treat for those who watch this blog)


  • I don’t have time to make the brochures I’d planned, so I made little magnets with a picture and my website on them instead.


  • All my prints are bagged, tagged, and ready for new homes!


The Current Workload

  • Working on more glass tile art pendants. I’ll be gussying them up with Swavroski crystals and other shiny beads.


  • Also gussying up matboard with acrylic paint and sponge texture to make some unique mats for display. I’ll be custom painting some of the mats with acrylic too.


  • Drawing out the design for the Dawn mask I’ll be making out of leather. It will be my first try at a mask and is inspired by the Comedy/Tragedy theme of Linsner’s comic. There might also be chains, roses, and rhinestones involved. I still have the wrist rose to figure out. I’m thinking floral wire and a fake rose. I’ve finally bought the perfect bodice to go with the outfit.


Things that still need doing!

  • 3 ceramic charity pigs still need to be designed.


  • Saving the matting for last, as usual. I’m waiting on a v-grooving tool I ordered so I can do my own decorative matting.


  • What am I forgetting???


Things are wrapping up quite nicely and I’m very hopeful for a successful con! Once the con arrives, I’m hoping to continue blogging as things happen and also might bring the camcorder along to document the chaos.

Right now, it’s only the calm before the storm!

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