Making Art Work by Emily Jeffords Review

Cross-Posted: Review of Emily Jeffords’ Making Art Work 2021

I’ve mentioned the Making Art Work course several times in my posts here over the past year while I’ve been embroiled in moving, re-structuring my biz, and surgery.  You all might remember the website redesign and shop redesign Behind the Scenes posts, for example, which were directly inspired by the material I was learning in this course!  

I’m happy to report that I’ve finally gathered all of my thoughts on this massive course into a detailed review to help others who might be interested in taking it themselves.  

Here’s the TL;DR from my full review:

Emily Jeffords’ Making Art Work offers an info-packed review of the basics of marketing primarily geared towards fine artists, with actionable advice, introductions to various income streams through guest experts, and suggested paths for building future marketing strategies.  This class relies on Facebook, which may cut non-FB users out unless they’re willing to join up to the platform.

If you are hoping to learn more about licensing, wholesale, etc. this course only scratches the surface of these topics so you may want to seek further education from individual courses dedicated to these topics.  Aside from a few inefficient apps used for extracurricular communication, the class material presented through Kajabi was easy to follow and allows for tracking of your progress.

For more advanced entrepreneurs, this course offers a great review of the fundamentals with actionable strategies for assessing your business and best practices for planning for the future.

Enjoy the article and feel free to let me know if you have any other questions about the experience there!  I’ll be updating the article as needed.

And for those who are new to it, The Muse’s Library is where I stash all of my reviews, stock photos, and other resources for artists.  It’s a side project that I update every now and again when I have time.  I’ll soon be moving all of my stock photos there to a free model (with a few exclusive paid packs).  I’m hoping it will help the community the same way generous folks like Adorkastock and Jookpubstock have helped me.

More soon!  I have some big house/studio updates I’m excited to share next time!

♥ Ang

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