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Vlog: Art for Alzheimer’s Charity Auction

I’m doing something a little different today than my usual entry.  I created a video to talk to you face to face about a topic very near to my heart.

I have recently launched a charity art auction to help raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association as well as to help clear out retired work from my collection.  Choosing the Alzheimer’s Association was not an arbitrary decision, but one that hits very close to home.  Auctioning off my work starting at next to nothing was also a very unorthodox decision that I feel the need to explain in more detail.

See the video for the full story:

Studio Clearance Charity Auction

There comes a time in an artist’s career where they open their closet and find that there are more pieces of art jammed inside than actual clothing.  I’ve wracked my brain trying to solve this predicament. Should I burn my old art, as I have seen others do?  Should I donate it to charity?  Should I just cling to it like an overbearing mother who can’t let go of her art babies?
At last, I feel I have arrived at a solution that gives me the best of all worlds and gives you, my fans, a fantastic opportunity to purchase my work for an amazing price!  Welcome to my first Studio Clearance Charity Auction!  Starting this week, I will be posting retired artworks up for auction on eBay with the low starting bid of just 99 cents!  Once this artwork has left auction (after three re-listings per piece*), it will be donated to charity, destroyed, given to art swaps, or otherwise disposed of, making these auctions the last chance it can be bought directly from the artist!

As an additional thank you for bidding on my work, 10% of all proceeds from the sale of these works will automatically be donated to the Alzheimers Association when it is sold via eBay using eBay’s giving works!  Meaning that when it sells on eBay, eBay automatically donates part of that sale to charity on my behalf.

This disease has touched many people in my life, including friends and family, and it is my greatest honor that my old work might be able to help any part of this cause upon its retirement from my studio.

* I will make a note in the description of each piece which number relisting an item is on so you will know when its availability will be expiring.

– You may check currently active auctions here on eBay and on DeviantART
– On Facebook? I have started a photo album showing all pieces with auction  links!
– See the schedule of auctions to save up for your favorite piece!

I will be updating the auctions every SATURDAY, so keep checking back for new original art listings!
I will be posting up old artwork until my closet is COMPLETELY EMPTY!
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Currently available originals up for auction (more to come!):

Prints Clearance Sale & Haiti Disaster Relief

In light of this most recent tragedy in Haiti, I will be donating half of the profits from my current prints clearance sale to the Red Cross. If you haven’t heard of the tragedy, a 6.5 earthquate hit Haiti, toppling hospitals, government buildings, and many homes in the capitol. They need help now!

If you don’t want prints, you can still donate directly here.

My heart goes out to everyone who has been affected by this tragedy. The prints sale will be handled via my deviantART journal. You can see the entry here.

Regularly scheduled blogs will return once I’ve had a chance to get some equipment set back up in my room. I’m hoping to get back into the video blog act again, but this requires that I form order from chaos out of the mess that is my current bedroom/studio.

Until then, let’s do what we can to help others in need!