Updates & New Online Galleries!

Just a quick little update while I’m sneaking a moment to myself during the Christmas madness. I’ve still got presents to make in the form of little leather keychains I’ve been teaching myself to make for my novice dabblings in leathercrafting. I expect a few sleepless nights in the days to come!

I’ve finally hit that part in my big semi-secret book project as well where I’m in a most important step: the design of the front cover! I know how important it is for readers to judge a book by its cover, so I’ve been fretting awfully about how to make this cover the best eye-catching thing that will stop a person in their tracks and make them pick up my book. This means also that the project is nearly finished and I will be able to share more details about it soon! I’m so excited to tell you all more.

In other news, I’ve recently joined a few new online art communities! If you’re a member of any of these places, feel free to add me:

Ang @ Paperdemon.com – The place for my more mature pieces. Empty for now, but will most likely have work soon in the coming months! The interface is tricky for this site, but I’m rather pleased with their moderation of mature-themed images and writing.

Ang @ CGhub.com – I’ve heard this site is like a cross between DeviantART and ConceptART so I’m giving it a try. The interface is pretty clean with lots of ways for artists to network together, from what I’ve gathered. Unfortunately, it seems geared more towards digital artists, which I am mainly traditional, meaning my updating here will be slow.

Ang @ Wonderlands – Alas, I wish I had time to update more here! It’s mainly a site for UK authors, but artists and authors who love the fantasy genre are invited to join. They’ve had such great writers as Jacqueline Carey give an interview and seem to be a friendly community to network in.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season! I hope to return next entry with sanity intact. Joyous blessings to you all.


  1. Hayley E. Lavik says:

    I’ve really been meaning to get more involved over at Wonderlands. For some reason I find it very hard to find fantasy communities, at least ones that aren’t either inactive or massive. Have you gotten involved in them much yet?

  2. Angela Sasser says:

    I’ve had several people drop by and Friend me on Wonderlands and ask me to interact more, but I just can’t seem to get into it. By the time I’m done checking DA, email, and everything else, I’m somewhat out of energy when it comes to reading and participating elsewhere. I’m hoping that will change in the coming year as I start shifting priorities. It seems like a great little place where people do want to keep discussion going. It was relatively new when I joined so I’m hoping the community hasn’t died out yet!

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