TUTORIAL – Rapunzel Comic in Woodcut Style

I’ve created a tutorial video for how I made a comic strip in a digital woodcut style for my Rapunzel comic!  I walk you through how I designed the panel layouts to the finished product giving helpful tips along the way.  A .PSD file of my comic strip is also included for your perusal!

To see this video, you’ll need to pledge to me on Patreon at the $10+ level!  Alternatively, you can also buy this tutorial individually via my Gumroad shop, but you won’t get any of the extra perks that Patreon gives you (ie. wallpapers, sneak peeks, etc.).

You can watch a 4 minute preview of this video at my YouTube channel.

I did not use any special brushes for this creation. Only the default round hard brush set to Pen Pressure!  I hope you enjoy this glimpse into my process for this month’s creation. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in comments!

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