The Ex-RPG Character

Guest posting continues at Hayley’s blog, Eventide Unmasked! Today’s topic: How do you transplant a character from an RPG setting to a novel setting? What to watch out for, advice, and discussion. Come share your ex-RPG characters with us!

The Ex-RPG Character

Ah, those were the days.

Giggling friends gathered around a table, your very life dependent on the next roll of the dice, the sly smile on your game master’s face as he plots your downfall! Creating a character was as easy as picking a class and race and your standard fantasy character back story (ie. family killed by evil bad guys, leaving home to find your fortune, etc.)

Sometimes, though, there are just those characters that adhere themselves to us, become more than just pre-rolled stats, character sheets, or vicarious reflections of our inner selves. A character begs to be something more than what they are and we find ourselves attempting to pluck that character out of their pre-existing world and put them into one of our own making.

Sounds fun until you realize your character just screams “I come right out of a Dungeons and Dragons game!” when you’re trying to rewrite them!

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