Stay for the Fallen Angels and Masquerades

Hey guys, I thought you might want to check out my new arty side project!  If you’re a fan of Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Legacy books, you really should take a look.  Otherwise, stay for the fallen angels, masquerades, and potentially erotic art. *waggly brows* (Might be NSFW at times, so you have been warned!)

“It was when I sat awake one night, an over-caffeinated adult now four years out of grad school wondering what I could draw for my fledgling illustration portfolio when I began to feel the thorns of Kushiel’s Legacy in me again.  Did they ever really leave, I wonder?”

Read on at the full blog post, The Keys of Inspiration

I also have a Tumblr mirror for this blog here –

Just to make sure Shadowscript isn’t neglected, I’ll probably be cross-posting collections of sketches and things here.  However, the blow by blow action of visual development will be happening over at Kushiel Concepts, which will be strictly for Kushiel’s Legacy related art.

I’m super excited to really challenge myself with this project.  Let the journey begin!

Click the image to go to Kushiel Concepts!

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