Share the Work Challenge Day 5 – Do A Brave Thing

Whew!  Emily Jeffords’ Share the Work challenge has been a great ride!  We’ve plumbed the depths of meaning in art, unraveled the mystery of the collector, and quelled the chaos of my brain to come up with a brand board.

The final day asked us to do something very simple, but also difficult.  Do something bold!  After much inner turmoil, I’ve decided my bold action would be to start a new Instagram account!  This has been weighing on me for a long time because I already curate several IG accounts and didn’t want to do more work, but honestly, after deep thought spurred on by this course, I realize the folks who like my fine art work definitely are not the same folks who like my illustration and geeky character art.  It was time to give both of these bodies of work the space they need to breathe!  Meanwhile, I’ll sort out the other IG accounts to see if I could lessen my workload.

So with that in mind, I’ve created AngelicShadesArt, the new space for my Fine Art and Art Nouveau identity!  It feels so good to know I won’t scare off Fine Art collectors with art of the dumb thing my D&D character I did smattered between my Birthstone Goddesses pieces on AngelaSasserArt.  While I’m certain there are some art collectors out there who might love my geekery, I don’t think this different mood elevates my fine art pieces in the way that I’d like, while also sending a confused branding message to my Followers.  

Feel free to give my brand new IG account some love if you like my Birthstone Goddesses and other Fine Art work!  I’ll be cleaning up my AngelaSasserArt account and moving all of that Fine Art work to the new account, instead.


In the five days I’ve been working through Emily’s prompts, I’ve learned so much about myself and my own vision.  I’ve decided to make the big investment into her Making Art Work course which is focused on the kinds of things I feel I’m lacking in my current business, clear branding, reaching collectors, etc.  After 2020 threw a huge wrench into my plans by canceling all of my shows where I planned to debut all the art I’ve been making in the past 5 years, my strategy needs to shift! 


Here’s a peek at all the modules of MAW that I’m SUPER STOKED to dive into in March:


I hope you enjoyed this look into the thought processes of a creative entrepreneur!  It’s a business like no other and I’m excited to dive even deeper to what this means for me in the coming year that’s presented such a different landscape for me as an art biz.  I leave you with the empowering mantra that Emily prompted us to write for ourselves:

Like my Goddesses, I will be powerful, balanced, and beautiful.  I will believe in my workings and share my blessings.

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