Return from the Big Easy

Yup folks I’ve returned from New Orleans unscathed, pining for the delicious N’awlins food, and primed to hop back into the swing of things with revitalized inspiration. Some of the highlights of the trip include, but are not limited to:

    * The ride there was my first ever train ride (minus the time I was too young to remember). I spent most of my time reading in the lounge and chowing down in the dining car where they had actual trained chefs preparing the food. Trains are awesome.

    * I had plenty of weird meats for the first time, including fried alligator bits (aka. chewy predator chicken) and duck quesadillas.

    * Drunken karaoke at Cat’s Meow

    * Getting kissed by old guys at the Saint Patty’s Day parade

    * Bread pudding! I FINALLY got some after making it my personal mission to eat bread pudding at the very seat of bread pudding’s advent in the States.

    * Getting blackmail evidence of Windfalcon and Girlanime on video tape

    * Strolling the cemeteries and haunted houses of the French Quarter

    * Sitting in a voodoo priestess’ altar room and making a really loud ‘hmm’ noise when no one else was speaking

    * So many mask shops I about died of inspiration! It’s inspired Windfalcon and I to do some research on the matter. Mayhaps there will be leather masks in our future?

    * Watching Girlanime rabidly consume oysters as if her life depended on it.

    * Watching Windfalcon try oysters for the first time with a really thoughtful expression on her face.

    * Eating at a new place every day!

    * Bars that have angel art ALL OVER THE WALLS…whilst playing banned racist cartoons from the 40’s.

    * A tour guide with the most boisterous laugh that echoed throughout the cemetery who was donned in bright yellow crocs, a yellow pin striped shirt, and had a yellow umbrella. Best tour guide EVAR.

    * Met an awesome sidewalk artist named Jack who actually KNEW that there are angels who are terrifying wheels of fire. He also gave random lectures about animism to curious passersby and was generally made of win.

The 24 hour train ride there and back gave me some time to relax and read some of the books that have been sitting on the wayside for awhile, including Angels: Celestial Spirits in Legend & Art by Jacqueline Carey and the first of the Fables graphic novels.

It was also nice to have the time to sit and think (and doze) without the constant hum of the computer and insistent siren call of the internet. We all need a good disconnect at times and this was a much needed one. I’m happy to return refreshed with my inspiration guns loaded and an agenda filled with several big projects, some of which I can’t talk too much about.

I will say, however, to prepare yourselves for an influx of angel art from me. I’m boning up on my winged beings for a very specific project that will be taking up my time for the next year or so. Art may be slow while things unwind behind the scenes, but I hope to keep you entertained with blog posts in the meantime. I’ll also be posting a few sneak peeks at my forum if you’d like to get a heads up over everyone else.

Until we meet again.

If you’d like to see a video diary of our New Orleans adventure, I’ll probably be posting up the highlights at my YouTube once I can be fussed to edit and convert the files.

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