NEW PATREON PERKS: Private Discord Server

Dear Patreon Patrons. Welcome to my secret Patreon Parlor!  The Patreon perks for those pledging at $5 and up now include access to a private Discord server where you can come chat with me about life, art, and more!  (Don’t have Discord yet? It’s a completely free chat and messaging app for your computer and phone that you can download here!)

Here’s a little rundown of what you can do on the server.  Watch the video for a visual look at Discord and/or read ahead to see what it’s all about!

The Text Channels

#parlor – The Parlor is where everyone who is a $5+ can come and mingle!  I’ll be sharing links to inspiring things, music, etc. plus special private sneaky peeks you won’t see on social media!

#critiquecorner – For Art Students only!  This is the place where Art Students come come for instant quick feedback.  Need to know what thumbnail sketch looks the best or which color palette to choose?  Drop it here for myself and other students to look at!

#artstudents – For Art Students only!  This is the general text chat for Art Students to talk, encourage, and help one another!

The Voice Channel

I only have one Voice Channel set up currently where we can talk to each other via microphones.  This is an Art Student only channel where students can come and hangout with one another!  Don’t want to listen to chatter while you’re there?  You can toggle mute on and off.

If there’s any interest in a general Voice Channel for everyone, I might add one!  For now, we’re starting small.

You can also watch the video for a visual tour of my Parlor.

Questions?  Suggestions?  Drop me a line in comments!  I want to make this Discord server work for you guys!

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