Limited Mini-Calendar + Sketch Sale!

If you missed this on my DeviantART journal, here it is again!

If you’ve had your eye on my calendar of classic work, then this is a chance you can’t miss!

I’ve gotten my hands on four miniature 2010 calendars with a shiny metallic gold wire spine. These are roughly 5×7 in. when closed and open up to a full size for display on your wall at 7×11 in. They’re the perfect size to fit in any corner of your room, dorm, or otherwise!

In addition, I’ll be sending these with an original 5×7 in. ink sketch of a subject of your choice! (generic suggestions and no fanart only, please. Sketches will have a minimalistic background) Calendars will also be autographed on each page by the artist. When you’re done with it at the end of the year, tear out the pages for framing. A calendar should never go to waste!

Example Ink Sketch:

Dance of Parted Flame by =ladydove7 on deviantART

How much is this fine thing, you ask? For an autographed mini-calendar AND original sketch, the price is $25 with FREE shipping within the US. For international shipping, we’ll sort things out via note.

I only have 4 total. Get em while they’re hot! Note me on DA or comment here to secure your calendar and sketch.

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4. (Reserved for Sonettie. Awaiting payment)

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