In Need of Critique?

Well it seems I’m at a sort of impasse with this journal.  Lately, I’ve been returning to the basics to try and work on a few problem areas of my own art, which means working on many life drawing and technique studies.  I don’t really have anything polished enough to share, so sharing of art processes has been less of late, which leaves me with only reviews, analysis, and advice to post here currently.  I’d love to get back to the Games as Art series, but that would mean I’d need to make time to play (or replay) the games I intend to analyze, which will have to go on the backburner till I have more time.  Never fear, for once I have a few more collections of studies, I’ll certainly share them here along with what I’ve been learning!

For now, I’m wondering if any of you might be interested in a critique feature?  Do you have any images you’re working on that have you stumped?  Or are you just looking for feedback to help improve a particular piece?  I’d love to help you get some extra exposure here with my readers in addition to critique, while also helping me to sharpen my visual problem solving skills.  It is my firm belief that to grow as an artist, critique (and self-critique) are some of the most important skills we can develop!  Practicing giving critique would be helping me out as much as it would be helping you out.  I can also put a few of your other finished pieces in the post so it’s a nice little feature of your art, in addition.
Where critique posts are concerned, I would be doing a complete in-depth description and paintover/redline based on what kind of critique you’re looking for in the piece.  I am hoping to do this at least once a month, if not more (should I get enough images to critique).  This is a nice option for those of you who do not feel quite ready for the full portfolio review just yet and would rather concentrate on a single image.  Be warned though. This is for serious critique only. If you have a fragile shell, you may not want to apply as I intend to be very straightforward with constructive criticism.
For a sample of how my critiques usually go, you can peek at my critiques on DeviantART.
TO APPLY:  Send an email to angela (at) with the subject line “Critique Corner” including the following in your message:

  • Your art in an attachment (or a direct link to the work)
  • A brief description of the kind of critique you’re looking for (focus on anatomy, composition, etc.)  If you’re unsure, you can just say ‘seeking general critique’.

FOLLOW UP: If you’d like me to feature your completed work that was featured previously in Critique Corner, feel free to send me a link to it once it’s done and I’ll feature it in a future Critique Corner post!  It’d be fascinating to see how you implemented the solutions suggested in these posts, or springboarded onwards to your own ideas.
So tell me. What else would my dear readers like to see in this blog?  What are your favorites posts or subjects so far?  I’d love to know so I can keep talking about what you guys want to hear!

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