Feb 2020 Wrap Up – Coronavirus Delays, Con Cancellations, & Burn Out

This month has been a doozy!  Stress levels have been high while all of my Kickstarters and the items in my shop that are made in China have been delayed by about a month due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  That’s meant writing many support messages to explain delays, dealing with folks who fear my products will contain viruses (they do not), etc.  Thankfully, most of my fans and Backers have been very understanding and supportive during the chaos.  Most can agree products are NOT worth people’s lives and I’m happy for that!

Unfortunately, due to an abundance of caution, I’ve decided to cancel all of my convention appearances for this year.  While I think most healthy adults have nothing to fear, my husband is in an extremely vulnerable population as someone with a heart condition (making him susceptible to respiratory complications), plus the possible need for cancer treatments that may lower his immune system, should he come out of remission at any point this year (he is thankfully clear for now, but it is an unpredictable situation he must get regular scans for).

Since we cannot predict what the situation will be like this year as far as the spread of COVID-19, I decided now was an opportune time to make 2020 about hunkering down and focusing on making new art.  I also very much need to update my shop which does not even have nearly all of the bags, scarves, etc. in it that I’ve been designing since last year!

And I’ll be frank, guys.  After working four Kickstarters which have included stressful delays that have prolonged these stressful times, I am ready to shift gears and let myself recuperate for awhile!  Promoting a pre-launch period, launch period, etc. is like shouting at the top of your lungs for two months each time to be seen and it is extremely draining, energy-wise, despite these being ‘simple’ projects.  I’m ready for a break!  

And there is still one more launch to go for the Goddesses of Spring (on March 19th aaaaah SOON!) 

But I got this!  I got this.  I got this!  I can do this. Aaaah!

So after that last Kickstarter, maybe I’ll work on some personal pieces?  Or some new portfolio pieces?  Perhaps I’ll indulge in some fun diversions from the Birthstone Goddesses for a little while?  We’ll see where this Side Quest might take us!

I’ll miss seeing some of your faces in person, but I hope we can still keep sharing here and in my Patreon Discord server where we’ve all been chatting about our projects and inspirations.

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I’ll have some new wallpapers coming in March along with some new art, so stay tuned!  In the meanwhile, I hope you all stay happy, healthy, and inspired!

♥ Ang

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