DragonCon Diary 09 – Video & Photo Stream

Diary Entries Thus Far:
Dragon Con Diary 09: Pre-Con Prep
Dragon Con Diary 09: To Charge or Not to Charge?
Dragon Con Diary 09: The Rush Begins
Dragon Con Diary 09: The Calm Before the Storm
Dragon Con Diary 09: Matting Madness!
Dragon Con Diary 09: The Aftermath
Dragon Con Diary 09: Video & Photo Stream

Here’s the promised image stream of this year’s Dragon Con!

Ang’s Artist’s Bazaar Table & Gallery Panel Display

Ang's Gallery Panel Display for Dragon Con 2009 Ang's Table Display for Dragon Con 2009

It’s hard to see all of my table, but it is adorned with mousepads, necklaces, calendars, a tiered rack filled with matted 5×7 prints, and a spinning rack with a mix of matted 4×6 prints and unmatted 5×7 prints at varying prices. The awesome vinyl banner was courtesy of my talented brother, Roland, of Graphic Signs Atlanta. There’s the silver velvet I talked about in my last post which proved a perfect backdrop for the art. It had just enough give to allow me to poke through, but wasn’t too slippery as to come out of its clamps. Next year, I think I’ll have a bit of ivy to cover the top, or clear clips, if I can find them.

And here’s the video footage I took at the con. I swear, that beer is not mine!

The 2009 Dragon Con Parade – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Dragon Con Clips: The Crowd, Conan, & Not My Beer!

This isn’t my video, but it’s amusing anyways! Alien Dances the Thriller at Dragon Con

Fun bit of info, my mother danced the Thriller this year to help break the world record. She is officially my hero! (I was sick and exhausted at the time so had to nap during the final recital :< ) Next year, I WILL be there to dance! We’ll break our own record of 903 for sure!

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