Aug 2021 Digest – New (Temporary) Studio + Patreon Resuming!

It feels like it’s been an age, but I’m happy to say that we’re finally in our new temporary rental home!   It’s a lovely little place in a quiet neighborhood nestled in a patch of the forest next to a creek.  I’m excited by all the trees, flowers, and birds around!  I’ve spotted a cherry blossom tree, a hibiscus so large it might as well be a tree, along with a beautiful crate myrtle.  We also have rosemary in a pod, yum!

Here’s a view from the back, which has a path leading down to a creek:

Now, I get to turn this spread of boxes into the office/digital drawing/writing area:

I get to turn this lovely little sunroom into a traditional painting space.  There are windows on two sides for plenty of natural light as well as an easier way to set up good ventilation when needed.  I adore the book shelves built right into the wall!

I’ve got quite a task before me to get everything set up, but I’m looking forward to being in this new space while we use the time here to recuperate from a rough few years as well as to start hunting for a permanent place of our own.  We both love the space in here so much, though, that I’m really hoping we can find a similar house.  Fingers crossed!  We have a year lease here to get sorted.  Till then, I think I’m going to enjoy our stay surrounded by our little forest.

Patreon Return!

I’m going to let pledges resume as usual for September!  This means I’ll have a new coloring page to share this month at the very least, plus some new character art I created for stress relief while we were undergoing this flurry of rental-hunting, moving, etc.

For September, I hope to get myself back on track to finish my final lessons of Emily Jeffords’ Making Art Work course so I can share my thoughts on the experience here, as well as get myself back to continuing the final phase of the Birthstone Goddesses.  Having our living space in flux made it hard to plan things, but now that we have a clearer view of the future, I can get back to making the calendar and art book happen!

Thanks to everyone who has hung in there to support me during this period of change and the folks in my Patreon’s Discord who provided encouragement along the way during this stressy chaotic time. You all are awesome!

More soon as I get settled!

❤ Ang

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