Angelic Visions – Pre-Orders OPEN!

I’ve been dropping hints here and there on the nature of Angelic Visions, a project which I have been working on for nearly a year and a half to date!  I’m happy to announce Impact Books has begun its roll out of this upcoming title, featuring a write-up and a free watercolor demo from the book over at their blog!

I have the advanced copy here in my hands and can attest to you that it is just gorgeous!  Like all of Impact’s books, it is a lovely gloss covered paperback chock full of rich colorful images and tons of visual aids to help ease you into the process of painting your own gorgeous heavenly creatures.

Here are some sneak peeks to sate your palettes:

In addition to pre-ordering via North Light’s shop, this book is available directly from me at this link. I’m offering the option to buy the book bundled with an ink sketch on the inside cover, a calendar, or both!  All orders of this book bought directly from me will be packaged with a shiny metallic 8×10 in. print of the cover art “Angelic Vision” and will be autographed by the artist!  Don’t forget to include your 2 word prompt for your sketch when you checkout.  
Note that pre-order bundle quantities are limited!  Order soon to procure your special copy from me!
All pre-orders will ship some time after mid-December.  Those with the sketch option may require more time for processing since I am customizing those.


  1. x4leafx says:

    That’s Beautiful! I can’t wait to see this in published format.

    Angels seem like a subject very close to your heart. Do you study them at all in lore and such? Because you seem very spiritual!

  2. Angela Sasser says:

    Hello, Leaf! I’ve always been fascinated with mythology and religion from around the world, angels particularly catching my attention because of the many stories woven around them. They’re visually fascinating as well and inspiring on so many levels! There are tidbits of lore here and there in the book along with suggested reading for those who want to know more.

  3. Angela Sasser says:

    Even if I run out of stock, I will be ordering more. There just might be a little bit of a wait while that’s going on. I haven’t sold out yet so I have a feeling there’ll be plenty in 2 weeks still.:)

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