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SKETCH DIARY: Lady of February Part 3

In the last Sketch Diary, I made decisions about the narrative elements and wardrobe. I still haven’t left Photoshop while I gather reference and photo bash them in where needed. This helps me get a more realistic grounded base for elements like the hair, candles, etc. I use anything that’s useful.  For instance, the hair comes from bits of someone’s bangs and at least four different photos of hair.  The main pose comes from a set of stock photos I shot myself, which are available for other artists to use here.

These photos are just a guideline and are changed later to suit my needs.  I also made a last minute change to her right hand (on our left).  The original hand wasn’t elegant enough, so I took a quick photo with my webcam to replace the hand with fingers that are more interesting.  The ankles and waist have also been thinned.



Next up, I do a digital color test! That’s right, I still haven’t left the prep phase.

After exploring different options, I find that I like 3 the best.  The Lady’s silhouette is the clearest  since the warm colors push her forward from the cool background and I like the way the purple and yellow play off of one another in a complementary scheme.

This is the last peek at Lady of February before I move on to putting paint on paper!

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