Welcome to my Secret Shop!  If you’re seeing this page, that means you’re one of my beloved and trusted Patreon Patrons.  The items in this shop are available just for you as part of your Patreon priveledges! 

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$100 – Limited Edition Lady Print

A 10×20 inch giclee print hand-embellished with 23k gold or silver sterling leaf.  Series of 100 per Lady.

Write your choice of Lady:

$25 – Limited Edition Lady of Eternity Print

An 8×12 inch print on heavy cardstock with gold foil accents. Series of 100.

$5 – Premium 3″ Lady of Eternity Round MagnetA premium quality thick 3″ magnet for your fridge.

$18 – Lady of Eternity Postcard Pack

A bundle of 10 postcards featuring Lady of Eternity.

$12.99 – Lady of Eternity Enamel Pin

Show your flair with this hard enamel pin of Lady of Eternity!  Available only to my crowdfunding supporters.  Only two left in stock!