IP Development Week 6

IP Development Blog Wrap-Up Week 6

DISCLAIMER: I don’t mind you guys sharing my thoughts about the mentorship with others. However, if you don’t see the art or writing bits up at SongofExile.com, that means I’d prefer you keep it between us!  Enjoy!:)

6 revisions later after much discussion with my writer-editor consultant, I finally have a book trailer outline that hits the sweet spots of drama and character emotion that I wanted it to!  It took exploring three different POV’s and around 50 different thumbnails to figure out the best direction for a story teaser.  I always said I wanted a glimpse into the creative process of storyboard artists and this definitely showed me what a meticulous crazy process it can be!

In the course of my studies, I’ve learned that for movies like Prince of Egypt, one of my all-time favorite animated films, the storyboard artists had so many strange tangents that were taken out of the final product to keep the dramatic structure running smooth and hitting the high points of emotion.  For example, Moses used to have a best friend who was a palace guard.  This role was later taken by Ramses and the guard’s interaction reduced to “You there.”  Just one example of how destructive this process can be!  Of course, making Ramses his best friend in the movie makes the story all the more delicious for the discoveries and betrayals that happen later on.

I also hit another wall this week where I let my perfectionism make drawing the art feel like pulling fingernails.  I had no problems with the writing, but once it came to the art, I just didn’t feel like my skills were up to the task.  I’ve thought about hiring another artist to illustrate my story for some time, but that would be a missed opportunity to develop my illustration skills.  It’s been a fight this week with letting go of control and just learning to create, for better or for worse.  In the end, pushing full force through my art block by making myself create even if I wasn’t in the mood ended up being the best strategy for overcoming this hurdle of self-doubt.

Now, we’re on the final couple of weeks and I’ll be moving full steam ahead with the art!  I’ll be doing a greyscale mock-up for most of my scenes with a fully painted intro illustration.  We’ll have guest speakers coming in to review how far we’ve come with our pitches and art, which will be a great opportunity to see how it’s all gelling together after all these revisions and revelations!

I leave you with an exclusive taste of my trailer’s intro scene to whet your appetites till next time!

Week 6 Art

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