IP Development Mentorship Week 3


DISCLAIMER: I don’t mind you guys sharing my thoughts about the mentorship with others. However, if you don’t see the art or writing bits up at SongofExile.com, that means I’d prefer you keep it between us!  Enjoy!:)

I’ve survived the 3rd week.  My sleep schedule is shot, I feel absolutely brain dead,…and I’ve never felt so alive!  There’s something about dedicating yourself wholly to a passion project that really unleashes the beast, especially one that’s been trapped in your head for years!

This Week’s Revelations and Milestones

Kill Your Darlings (Again) – Just when I thought I was done editing, I rewrote my synopses another 2 times, for a grand total of 7 rewrites!  Each time, we’ve stripped away the chaff to leave a scrumptious wheaty inside…or some such metaphor.  And now we’ve moved on to do this similar process of critique with the illustrations for my pitch.  As frustrating as realizing you have to dump a concept that isn’t working perfectly can be, it’s a totally amazing feeling when you scrap something and come up with an even BETTER idea afterwards!

Book Trailer? – I’ve decided to turn my written and illustrated pitch into a book trailer because I just LOVE extra work!  I’m not sure I’ll finish within the scope of the class, but I have always loved a well done book trailer and as long as I’m drawing stuff for this story anyways, I might as well put it all together into a really cool promo thing!  I’m thinking 2D art with subtle animation and FX and mysterious cool person voice over kind of like this.

Pitch Perfect Practice – I’ve also been practicing my pitch this week! First, in front of friends over lunch who hadn’t heard of my story before.  I failed miserably (totally forgot to tell them why it’s called ‘Song of Exile’), but that failure helped me improve my pitch exponentially by class critique time. Practice, folks! It does indeed make perfect!  I get to pitch my story to a complete stranger in class soon. Nervousness ensues!

Week 3 Art Wrap-Up

I’m moving on to work purely on illustrations now that I have my story and writings sorted out.  Before I jump right into the final rendering, however, it’s going to take lots (and LOTS) of thumbnailing to make sure I’m hitting the highest dramatic notes possible!  Here are the thumbnails for a little over half of my illustrations for the final pitch/book trailer.  Yup…still lots more to do!

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