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Work at Home Blues

And so I enter the 4th or so week of working a day job as an illustrator who works at a home studio (if indeed a desk and drawers stuffed with art supplies constitute as a studio), and I’m beginning to learn the glories and downfalls of what that really means. It’s so wonderful to be at this point in my career finally, but I am finding myself growing a little odd from spending so much time alone.

I’ve started talking to paintings and humming musical renditions of Ultramarine and Alizaran Crimson. I’ve probably seen Jurassic Park six times, since that seems to be what’s showing in the background on tv whenever I work at the desk these days. Coming from previous professions that involved social interaction with students and co-workers, it’s been an interesting transition. Being able to concentrate on art has been lovely, but I find I miss the social interaction just a little.

Now I just have my dog and my paints.

Contrary to popular belief, working at home is not as simple as it seems. It is far too easy to get distracted by the shiny, shiny net and not get your work quota done for the day. Like most jobs, there are deadlines involved and if things go wrong and you’re late, it’s nobody’s fault but your own. There is no bureaucracy to blame for your own mistakes. If you’re a work-o-holic like me, you might end up working too late, like I commonly do, being the night owl that I am. I still haven’t quite found a way to balance a schedule with creating a social life. I must learn how to put the paintbrush down and to stop worrying about deadlines! For when the current deadline ends, there will (hopefully) always be yet another and another!

So I am curious, you artists, writers, or work-at-home masterminds who run your own businesses, how do you keep yourself motivated? How do you cut down on distraction? How do you balance having a social life with trying to meet quotas? How do you prevent yourself from going just a little batty from being alone?

Inquiring minds who are currently distracted by blog writing would like to know!