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Patreon Pre-Sale! Coloring Book Bundles + New Secret Shop Items

I’m trying something new here on Patreon by holding a special event just in time for Mother’s Day!  I’m offering a Patrons-only first dibs at the new coloring book bundles I’ve put together for mums (or anyone else who loves coloring).  

I’ve offered a new design inspired by my coloring book’s cover on lovely little pouches to store color pencils, pens, etc. for a coloring session with the Birthstone Goddesses!

Normally, these pencil cases would only be offered within this book bundle and will not be available separately, but as an exclusive perk for this Pre-Sale, I’m offering the pencil cases separately just for Patrons in the Secret Shop!

The Patreon Pre-Sale event ends at 11:59 pm on April 23rd.  I have a very limited number of stock reserved for this event, so snag your items while you can!

New Secret Shop Items!  Prototype Scarves

Also just in time for mum!  I’ve made a limited amount of these elegant Satin Charmeuse scarves available in my Secret Shop as a permanent item until they are sold out.  They will not be re-stocked, as they are prototypes that were lovely in their own right, but are not quite meeting my final vision for their designs.  

Rather than let these still gorgeous prototypes languish in my closet, however, I want them to be worn and appreciated, so I’ve offered them at a discount!

Each scarf will be packed in a kraft paper box with a care tag ready for easy gifting!  

Where is the Secret Shop?

When you first joined my Patreon, you should have received an email that showed you the path into my Secret Shop from Backerkit.  If you’ve lost this email, however, you can recover your survey here.

Questions or comments? Please feel free to comment here or PM me and I’ll get back to you shortly.  I hope you find something beautiful for mum or to treat yourself.  You deserve it!

Thanks, as ever, for being my Patrons!

♥ Ang

MAR 2021 Digest – Upcoming Tarot Art, House Hunting, & MAW

March flew by as I returned to work after taking some time to recover with Kev, who also went back to work in March this month after his recovery from a severe case of COVID.  We’re both doing so much better knowing that he’s safe and healthy!  I’m slowly, but surely, getting back in the game and managed to finish my Temperance card painting for the Woven Path Tarot (which I’ll be revealing publicly next week!).

We’re also back on the house hunt, as our current home is a rental and we’re finally ready to invest.  We’re both looking forward to having a new space all our own!  We just have to survive all the paperwork and touring first.  I’m already dreaming of ways I could set up a new studio space. Here’s hoping for a room with lots of sunshine!

I’ve also started MAW (Making Art Work) with Emily Jeffords this month and wow has it been a knowledge bomb to my brain!  I’ve been learning about branding, marketing schedules, SEO, and so much more. I’m already buzzing with plans to redo my Gemstone Goddesses site with all I’ve learned and might be a little slow in April as I focus on absorbing all this knowledge to implement into my art biz.

Coming in April

Now that the Tarot piece is finished, I’ll be offering a Temperance coloring page and a wallpaper to my Patreon Patrons at the appropriate tiers!  I was thinking about sharing my progress with redesigning the Gemstone Goddesses site, but would that be boring stuff?  

It probably wouldn’t be as in-depth as my last article about website redesign, but more showing you progress shots as I map out the new site and make it a lovely space just for my Goddesses!

The Lady of Eternity pins also arrived in the mail today, so it’s time to pack them up and get them out to you guys! (More on that in a future post, soon).

Digest of March’s Posts

Rewards Added in March


I’m looking forward to seeing how everything I’ve been learning lately will help make my art really shine and how I can make the experience of it better for you all!

More soon!

♥ Ang

Project Status: Final Phase of the Birthstone Goddesses

I’ve had a much needed muse break with the Exalted Art Challenge, but now it’s time to return to my Birthstone Goddesses!  First off, a warm welcome to the Patrons who just joined up.  You’re in for a treat as we enter this final exciting phase of this project!  

Over the past few years, I’ve created the main set of paintings, the Visage collection, and the enamel pins, and now I want to take the final bold steps towards the big ambitions I had for this series.  Here’s a rundown of what I’m working on and what’s in store!

My dear Patrons will be getting that behind the scenes look into my design, publishing, and production process along the way, along with exclusive glimpses behind the scenes!

The Wall Calendar

Part of the major conceit of creating the original set of 12 images was that I wanted to make a wall calendar.  I’m finally making moves towards this endeavor and will need to create this calendar from scratch, as the nontraditional size of the images means I will need to have them custom cut and printed.  

I already have templates and a local printer in mind and I hope to launch this calendar on Kickstarter around August of this year so that it can be created in time for a 2022 calendar!  Patreon Patrons will be getting an exclusive peek at how I’m designing the layouts and other creative notes along the way.

(The main set of 12 paintings.)

The Art Book

What better way to wrap up this project then to collect the art created for it into a luxurious book?  This is my crown jewel, the ultimate showpiece of this series!  One of my biggest endeavors to happen next is to start working on the book’s storyboards.  I want to not just show off the art, but part of the narrative and research I’ve developed over time for this series as well as create an elegant collectible volume.  

I also want to create never before seen paintings for this book (which you can see a hint at the thumbnails in the featured image of this piece).  I’m calling these new paintings the ‘Dark Goddesses’, as I’m taking some of my favorite Goddesses from the series and giving them a new rendition in my own style!  

I adore Mucha, but I also want to leave my own mark with this series that shows more of my own style than Mucha’s.  These new paintings will be much more of my own dark elegant surreal aesthetic, which I hope you will still enjoy!

There’ll no doubt be many tasks that need doing, from spot illustrations to hiring a proper designer to help me with the book layout, but I expect to get the majority of work done before I Kickstart this book, which I want to happen in 2022.  2021 is going to be about all the prep work!

As ever, I’ll also be sharing sneak peeks of the Dark Goddesses paintings and other book tasks exclusively for Patrons!

Other Birthstone Goddesses Collections

I still have it in mind to release the following things along the way. Some of them have already been created, but still await a proper release!

  • Stickers – These designs have already been completed, but aren’t in my shop yet.  Currently researching dropship fulfillment options!
  • Totes/Messenger Bags – I test ran these at DragonCon a couple of years back. I sold out completely so it’s time to get them ready for a proper release in my shop!
  • Scarves – These also did well at the last in-person event I was at!  I’ll be taking customer feedback to heart so I can re-release them properly to my shop.
  • Greeting Cards – I already have designs for these, but am still working on setting them up with a dropship fulfillment system like Printful and Art of Where.
  • Gift Sets – I’ve always felt proper birthday gift sets featuring everyone’s favorite products matched to birthstone-themed jewelry and a pretty dried flowers (or perhaps a sticker?) would be an exciting thing to offer!  I’m still coming up with ideas of what to bundle together and how to present them so I can make them available for everyone.

My Would-be Dream Collections

These are wishes for cool things I’m not sure how to make happen, but hope that speaking aloud might happen some day!

Birthstone Goddess Jewelry – I really want to expand the Goddesses into some beautiful wearables so you can channel that feel you get when you look at the art through yourself as well!  Gorgeous jewelry is part and parcel of the Art Nouveau movement and I would love to pay homage to that fact by collaborating with a jewelry-maker.

Make-up Palettes – I love, LOVE seeing beautifully illustrated makeup sets with inspiring swatches.  Each Birthstone Goddess has her own color scheme based on her flowers and birthstones as well, which seems like a perfect match for makeup.  Plus the idea of illustrating a cover with a focus on the glamourous side of my Goddesses sounds so exciting!

Teas, Perfumes, Bath Bombs, and/or Soaps – All of these things bring me comfort and a sense of calm, while also having a luxurious feel and aesthetic to them.   I’m especially a sucker for tea mixes and fancifully illustrated tea labels!

Know of anyone I should talk to about these ideas?  Feel free to message their contact info to me and I’ll add them to the prospects list for when I am read to expand into these endeavors!

I’ve got a lot to do as a 1-person biz, but I’m excited to get back into the fray!  I’ll be working through Emily Jefford’s Making Art Work marketing course over the next couple of months and am looking forward to gaining new insight on how to handle all of my ambitions for this series.

It’s been an amazing journey thus far in the 6 or so years I’ve been at this!  I’m excited to share the last leg of the journey and see what it reveals.  My hope is that this series would become the backbone of a self-sustaining business and I’m just starting to see good results from that.

Here’s to a future filled with beautiful art that I hope will bring you as much happiness as I’ve had in the sharing of it with you!

♥ Ang

Feb 2021 Digest – Health, Happiness, & Looking to the Future!

I’m so pleased to have good news to share this month!  My husband was able to come home from the hospital and has managed a miraculous recovery from COVID.  Kev has gone from possibly needing a cane and an oxygen tank to needing neither with no adverse effects, beyond bouts of fatigue he’s still struggling with.  He’ll still need to strengthen his lungs, as they were weakened by COVID and pneumonia, but we are so relieved, as things could have gone so differently!  We’re so grateful to have been able to celebrate our 4th anniversary together.

It’s given us both perspective to enjoy life while we can.  Our plans to find a new home continue and I’ve meanwhile returned to work this last week in February with renewed focus and appreciation for our good fortune.  I’m also slated to start new training with Emily Jefford’s Making Art Work in March, which I hope will help me figure out a path forward through the difficulties of this pandemic.  I look forward to making my Birthstone Goddesses the best they can be as I continue with their journey to publication and expanding that vision in the coming months!

Coming in March

There will be a new fantasy-themed coloring page and a wallpaper for my Patreon digital library. I’ll also be sharing Secret Sketchbook notes for my next painting of Temperance for the Woven Path Tarot.  I have some exciting major project updates to share as well, now that my muse break with the Exalted Art Challenge is over! 

Digest of February’s Posts

Rewards Added in February


I’m happy to see life returning to a form of normalcy for us and to take a big step forward as I return with renewed energy to the next and final phase of the Birthstone Goddesses!

Till next time. More soon!

♥ Ang

My Share the Work Challenge + New IG Account!

It’s been a time of trial and change for me lately with our personal struggles with COVID and the way it has impacted my art business.  It’s fair to say my life has been upended!  With that in mind, I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching trying to figure out where we go from here.

And that is when Emily Jefford’s Share the Work free mini-class came to me earlier last week.  I had seen Emily’s name recommended around the art community by people I admire (Naomi VanDoren, to name someone with an absolutely stellar and successful art biz).

Emily invited artists to try out her 5 day challenge which explores our understanding of our art and our business readiness, so I decided to take on the challenge!

I welcome you to explore the blog posts I wrote as I absorbed her lectures and did the worksheets for myself:

To summarize, Emily’s challenge surprised me with just how much focus there is on understanding what meaning your art has to others, but ALSO what meaning it has for you, if you’re comfortable with the act of creating it, what value it brings to your life, etc.  This is important because, as I’ve realized with my many bouts with burnout, if the work isn’t fun for you to physically do, how do you hope to make a permanently sustainable business?

I had some big revelations along the way so I recommend you folks read the blog posts for the details!  May they be useful for others who might be wandering the same road of creative entrepreneurship that I am.

I also got to create a brand mood board, which is something I had never thought to do.  It felt great to define a vision for my Birthstone Goddesses with more intention!

(I also created a blank template of this board you’re free to use.  Enjoy!)

My New Instagram Account

The very last day of Emily’s challenge asked me to do a BOLD thing and my choice was to create an all-new Instagram account for my Fine Art endeavors!  It was scary, but it feels so very good to finally do this.  Over time, my main account has become more about my personal characters, comic experiments, etc.  It’s been more challenging to elevate my fine art pieces when I’m also sharing a silly comic about my D&D party’s latest misadventure or fan art memes on the same account!

So please welcome @AngelicShadesArt which will now be the exclusive home for my Birthstone Goddesses and other gallery-minded projects!  I’d be so grateful if you gave it a Follow and helped give it some love.

I may occasionally double-post to my main account, @AngelaSasserArt, when I feel there’s common interest, but otherwise, @AngelaSasserArt is going to be all about my original characters, storyworlds, ttrpg adventures, and other illustration and geekery!


I hope my musings prove useful to you guys!  Did you take the Share the Work Challenge too?  Did you have any revelations along the way?  

I’m looking forward to learning more from Emily as I progress into her Making Art Work full time course for artists in March!  Till then, I’m going to take the knowledge I learned from Share the Work and start working towards an even more bold and beautiful adventure for my Birthstone Goddesses!

❤ Ang

Share the Work Challenge Day 5 – Do A Brave Thing

Whew!  Emily Jeffords’ Share the Work challenge has been a great ride!  We’ve plumbed the depths of meaning in art, unraveled the mystery of the collector, and quelled the chaos of my brain to come up with a brand board.

The final day asked us to do something very simple, but also difficult.  Do something bold!  After much inner turmoil, I’ve decided my bold action would be to start a new Instagram account!  This has been weighing on me for a long time because I already curate several IG accounts and didn’t want to do more work, but honestly, after deep thought spurred on by this course, I realize the folks who like my fine art work definitely are not the same folks who like my illustration and geeky character art.  It was time to give both of these bodies of work the space they need to breathe!  Meanwhile, I’ll sort out the other IG accounts to see if I could lessen my workload.

So with that in mind, I’ve created AngelicShadesArt, the new space for my Fine Art and Art Nouveau identity!  It feels so good to know I won’t scare off Fine Art collectors with art of the dumb thing my D&D character I did smattered between my Birthstone Goddesses pieces on AngelaSasserArt.  While I’m certain there are some art collectors out there who might love my geekery, I don’t think this different mood elevates my fine art pieces in the way that I’d like, while also sending a confused branding message to my Followers.  

Feel free to give my brand new IG account some love if you like my Birthstone Goddesses and other Fine Art work!  I’ll be cleaning up my AngelaSasserArt account and moving all of that Fine Art work to the new account, instead.


In the five days I’ve been working through Emily’s prompts, I’ve learned so much about myself and my own vision.  I’ve decided to make the big investment into her Making Art Work course which is focused on the kinds of things I feel I’m lacking in my current business, clear branding, reaching collectors, etc.  After 2020 threw a huge wrench into my plans by canceling all of my shows where I planned to debut all the art I’ve been making in the past 5 years, my strategy needs to shift! 


Here’s a peek at all the modules of MAW that I’m SUPER STOKED to dive into in March:


I hope you enjoyed this look into the thought processes of a creative entrepreneur!  It’s a business like no other and I’m excited to dive even deeper to what this means for me in the coming year that’s presented such a different landscape for me as an art biz.  I leave you with the empowering mantra that Emily prompted us to write for ourselves:

Like my Goddesses, I will be powerful, balanced, and beautiful.  I will believe in my workings and share my blessings.

Share the Work Challenge Day 4 – Evaluate + Share + Elevate

Today was the dreaded evaluation where we take a look at ourselves and our biz and decide what we’re doing well or not so well on.  Emily’s positivity carried me through this day with her insistence that this is a chance to grow and do something new and to make our biz meet our vision.  The worksheet asks us to rate ourselves on our performance in several sectors, from how we feel we’re reaching collectors, how we’re prospering, how consistent is our aesthetic, etc.

The Verdict?  I’m not as bad off as I thought.  My art is there and that’s the key, but I’m definitely struggling with presentation, branding, and feeling overwhelmed by my multi-faceted business.  If you’d like to get the full evaluation form, you can see it here before it disappears in a few days.   I’ve omitted including all of the questions here for brevity’s sake.

Have a look at some of the things I settled about my Birthstone Goddesses today.  It felt good to make them so concrete after a long time spent talking about them without a unifying intention beyond ‘because I like these things’.  There were also some unexpected questions about what my biz believes in and what brings me joy.  Joy really is key, huh?  Read on for more:

Look Back, Move Forward
Make Something Remarkable
Evaluate where your heart, mind, & business is right now.

CORE VALUES:  Feminine empowerment, diverse beauty, inner peace, self-improvement, appreciate of art and nature.

HIGHEST WORK:  The main series of the Birthstone Goddesses (and the upcoming additional paintings of them that I’m planning).

Birthstone Goddesses Series
My ‘highest work’.


  • Creating interesting paintings that make people feel awed and inspired
  • Creating a book for this series that allows me to indulge my love of writing and fantastical stories
  • Making wearable designs that make people feel beautiful and empowered.


Diversity is beautiful.  Feminine aspects and stories should be celebrated.


Racism, the loss of fine art techniques like leathercrafting, and the loss of appreciation for beauty in vintage movements like Art Nouveau.


  1. Finding collectors and building sustainability.
  2. Clarifying my “highest art”.
  3. Better product photos and clearer aesthetic.
  4. Refining the Birthstone Goddesses website’s shopping experience.